BUDAPEST WATER SUMMIT 28-30 November 2016,

Publish Date: Sep 23, 2016

Deadline: Sep 30, 2016

About “Water connects” World Summit

The primary message of the World Summit’s slogan “Water connects” is that water, which knows no borders, urges us to develop new kinds of cooperation; it connects water management, industry, agriculture, healthcare and education, as well as countries, regions, generations and cultures, and it is also the ‘source’ of achieving all the sustainability targets with a key impact on all our futures.

The first message of the single drop of water in the logo of the World Summit is a warning, a call to action that builds on the expression “the last drop,” indicating that we are at the last moment, we need to take action immediately: novel and efficient solutions are required for sustainable water management.

The second message has deeper connotations: the proportion of the freshwater reserves that all living organisms on Earth must share to the planet as a whole is indicated by the proportion of the little drop in the logo to the globe around it. If we look at the actually available part of this freshwater reserve, the situation is even more dramatic: only 3% of the planet’s water reserve is suitable for human consumption, while more than two-thirds of this amount is difficult or impossible to access.
The third message is the also critical fact that 80% of the challenges of climate change are related to water

Call for Entries

"Water connects"
The Capa Center calls for entries for a photo and video competition organized on the occasion of the Budapest Water Summit, which will take place between November 28–30, 2016.

The theme of the competition

By calling for entries, we would like to offer an opportunity for those who formulate their message related to the theme of the competition in still or moving images.

We expect photographs and videos that present the fundamental importance of this essential material for our planet, for nature, for society as a whole or the individuals themselves; depict its different qualities, unique nature, or the way it serves as a living space and a fundamental element of our bodies, or the way it appears in a variety of forms from a drop of water to the sea. The entries may also include the mythical, fairytale connotations of water as well.

Further inspiration

Budapest Water Summit 2016
Photographs for inspiration 1
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Videos for inspiration



  1. LEICA D-LUX camera + a voucher worth HUF 50,000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic processing
  2. A voucher worth HUF 50,000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic processing + a book voucher worth HUF 25,000
  3. A book voucher worth HUF 25,000


  1. LEICA D-LUX camera + a voucher worth HUF 50,000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic or video processing
  2. A voucher worth HUF 50,000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic and video processing + a book voucher worth HUF 25,000
  3. A book voucher worth HUF 25,000

A group exhibition of those receiving 1-10 placement in each category will be shown in the Mai Manó House Gallery in the fall of 2016.

Rules of Entry

The competition is organized by the Capa Center under the title “Water connects” on the occasion of the Budapest Water Summit 2016, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as the Ministry of Human Capacities.

Anyone may submit an entry with a photograph or video fitting the requirements of this call for entries. Entries may be submitted in two categories: photography and video. The photographic series may consist of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 images, while videos may be up to 90 seconds long, and each must have been created after 2000. One entrant may only submit an entry in one of the categories.

Entries may exclusively be submitted if they have not been published online or in the printed press, and will not have been presented in an exhibition up to the time of the competition. The formal and technical approach reflected in the works have no genre restrictions, and may be handled and interpreted with absolute freedom.

The entrants shall upload their works with the specified technical qualities electronically, via the website.

The works entered will be evaluated and awarded by a professional jury. They jury will award only entries uploaded in accordance with the call for entries, and they will announce the winners on a category basis. The contestants will be notified of the results via an e-mail from the awarding organization.

An entry shall be considered valid only under the following conditions:

Entrants may only submit works of art that are in their own possession; they assume full responsibility for that no third party is entitled to any rights regarding the copyright of the submitted photographs/films, restricting or prohibiting the usage or presentation in any way; furthermore, they shall agree to fully comply with all laws in force in the process of creating said submitted works of art.

The awarding organization shall project the submitted works of art at the public awarding ceremony; furthermore, it shall use them in the course of the communication related to the “Water connects” project and in connection with the satellite events of the project, without any restrictions of place, time, or known way of usage; it shall reproduce them in as many copies and on as many occasions as it deems necessary, make video or audio records of them, distribute them, copy them via a computer or to electronic media; it shall convey the works of art to the public in any known way. The awarding organization is obliged to observe the moral rights of the authors during the utilization of the artworks.

The awarding organization excludes those works of art from the competition that offend public morals or public taste, are suitable for discrimination, and those that are against the legislation in force.

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