Cases may arise where there will be the need for a school to expand its capacity. This will most likely be due to an increase in the number of students, thereby leading to a higher student-to-teacher ratio. There may, therefore, be the need to increase the number of classrooms available and this may need to be done within a very short period - hence the need for temporary classrooms.

Temporary classrooms have the following advantages:


Temporary classroom parts are easily detachable and can be easily moved from one place to another within the school’s premises. Their components are usually lightweight.


Temporary classrooms, like those built by Smart-Space, are usually flexible, they can be easily expanded when the need arises. Some structures do not require a foundation, except in special cases. This will keep the environment, which could have been disfigured by the removal of the structure, clean. You can check for temporary classroom options.

Cost Effective

Temporary classrooms are suited to any size of budget and will save you a lot of money when compared with the cost of building permanent block(s) of classrooms.


Materials used in making temporary classrooms are very strong, can withstand damage and wear and tear and last for a very long time. Temporary classrooms made by Smart-Space can last up to 35 years, for example.


Temporary classrooms can come in different layouts. It is possible to build a temporary classroom to meet the present needs of the school which can later be expanded to create more space to accommodate a larger number of students in the future. They can also be designed to any standard that reflects the school’s status.

Speed of Construction

Temporary classrooms can be constructed within a very short period of time. A temporary classroom can be completed 50% earlier than a conventional classroom construction.


Temporary classrooms, like those made by Smart-Space, are also eco-friendly. They adhere to environmental regulations and most of the materials used in their construction can be recycled. And if the structure needs to be dismantled in the future, the process leaves little to no waste.

Quality Construction

Temporary classrooms, made by professionals like Smart-Space, adhere to construction code standards, which ensure that the temporary structure is as good and reliable as a permanent building.

Off-Site Construction

Temporary classrooms can be built at the company’s workshop and then transported to their permanent site in the school. This gives the school the opportunity to keep its beautiful appearance while its classroom(s) construction is going on and will also avoid distractions which could have been caused by building on the permanent site.


Temporary classrooms are as equally safe as the traditional ones. They are built taking into consideration the need for safety measures.

Published on Feb 21, 2019