Bacon Environmental International Fellowship 2017 , Harvard Kennedy School, USA

Publish Date: Oct 25, 2016

Deadline: Dec 01, 2016

About the fellowship

The Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Program brings together emerging leaders dedicated to preserving and enhancing our shared environment. The program connects fellows with highly accomplished national and international leaders, providing them with the skills to:

  • Foster sustainable environmental impact
  • Build cross-sector partnerships to accomplish key goals
  • Inspire new ideas and innovative change in the policies and programs that safeguard natural resources and promote a healthy global ecosystem

This program is a game-changing opportunity for scholars and practitioners eager to take up the mantle of environmental leadership and stewardship for the rising generation.

"My experience suggests that environmental issues are linked inextricably with many other challenges facing communities worldwide, such as conflict, human rights violations, and poverty. The Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellowship—focused on environment, but within the broader CPL context—is exactly the right mix to empower me to foster impact on major environmental challenges."

-Jeremy Avins, MPA '17


Step 1: Apply to Harvard Kennedy School: Application deadline is December 1, 2016.
Step 2: Apply for the Fellowship: Application deadline for the Bacon Fellowship is February 24, 2017.

To apply for the Bacon Fellowship please visit the Student Financial Services web site.

Applicants must submit:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae, not to exceed 2 pages in length.
  • A document containing written responses to the following two prompts:
         A. Please discuss a topic you are passionate about and its personal significance (1,000 words or less).
         B. Please discuss briefly your interest in the Louis Bacon Environmental Fellowship and how your experiences and goals have motivated you to apply (200 words or less).
  • Two letters of recommendation specifically supporting your candidacy for the Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellowship. The letters must be in PDF form, signed by the referrer and on letterhead indicating the referrer’s institution/organization. Recommendation letters must be received by the deadline date for the application to be considered. All application materials, including recommendations must be submitted by the fellowship application deadline, February 28, 2017.


Finalists for the Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellowship will be will be interviewed in mid-March 2017 by the Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellowship Selection Committee.

Program Information


In addition to serving as founder and CEO of Moore Capital Management, LP, Louis Bacon has been advocating for more than twenty years for conservation and protection of natural resources in the US and abroad. An avid outdoor sportsman, Bacon developed a reverence for the natural world, which spurred his lifelong passion for land and water conversation. In 1992, he founded the Moore Charitable Foundation to support nonprofit organizations with a focus that included land and water conversation. Since its inception, the foundation has provided significant funding to more than 200 local, national, and international conversation organizations.


  1. Does the fellowships selection committee have access to my Harvard Kennedy School admissions materials?
    The Louis Bacon Environmental Fellowship Selection Committee does not see the personal statements, transcripts, or letters of recommendation submitted to the HKS admissions committee, only the documents submitted on this form.
  2. May I apply to more than one fellowship?
    Applicants may apply for multiple fellowships at CPL, but we encourage applicants to think about which fellowship aligns with his/her experience and goals.
  3. Where do I send my fellowship application materials? Where do I send my fellowship recommendations if sent separately by the referrers?
    All students’ application materials go to the Financial Aid office: Any questions regarding the Financial Aid site or general application should be directed to Student Financial Services. CPL may only accept those letters sent separately by recommenders.

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