Call for Prposals - Film Producing Company, Armenian Caritas BNGO

Armenian Caritas BNGO


July 15, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Call for Prposals - Film Producing Company, Armenian Caritas BNGO

Time frame: July 2018-August 2018

Position: Film producing company  

Location:  Armenia, Shirak Region

Starting date:  July, 2018


This ToR defines the requirements and deliverables of the film and 3 PSAs (public social advertising) that should be carried out in the framework of the project titled “Community Action for Full Inclusion in Education “, funded by European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Caritas Austria.

Armenian Caritas (AC) with partnership of “National Association of School Parent Council Members” NGO (NASPCM) implements a project “Community Action for Full Inclusion in Education”. The overall objective of the project is as follows: “Children with disabilities who are currently out of education enjoy their human rights for inclusive education, as specified in the article 24 of UNCRPD”.

Within the framework of the project a film and 3 PSAs (public social advertising) will be produced to raise awareness about inclusive education and promote its implementation. 


The Armenian Caritas Benevolent Organization was established in May 1995. The establishment of Armenian Caritas in the North of Armenia, Shirak Region, Gyumri city was initiated by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Armenian Catholic Church to deliver direct assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the society. Armenian Caritas is a non-governmental organization registered in the RA Ministry of Justice.

The mission of Armenian Caritas is: “Serve different vulnerable groups with love and compassion, respecting the dignity of each individual”.

Armenian Caritas is a strong and significant role player in consolidation of social justice and social protection in the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian Caritas sees itself as the expression and an instrument of charity of the Armenian Catholic Church. Accordingly, Armenian Caritas seeks to organize and implement humanitarian and charitable actions in favor of persons and social groups living under difficult conditions without religious, national or racial discriminations. Moreover, Armenian Caritas views itself as an important force in actively promoting the democratic and developmental changes in Armenia. Armenian Caritas strives to work with families, uphold family values, and empower parents to be involved in healthy parenting values.

Armenian Caritas implements 46 projects in 4 regions of Armenia: Lori, Gegharkunik, Ararat, Shirak and Yerevan. Annually it reaches 150,000 people living in poverty.


The aim of the film is to raise awareness about the importance of inclusive education and the right of every child to get quality education. This shall be underlined by showing a positive example of an involved child, his/her classmates, as well as of other involved people (teachers (or other staff), parents, directors, etc.).

The aim of each PSA is to draw public attention on the barriers hindering inclusive education, such as inaccessible school infrastructure, transportation, public attitude and stigmas.

  • The contractor should submit film and PSAs’ scripts, which should be approved by Armenian Caritas.

  • Representation of children with disabilities in the material to be produced should be in accordance with human rights standards.

  • The film should be produced in Armenian with English subtitles, at highest quality standards, high-definition, fast paced and colorful, with clean stylistic touches. The total running time of the film is to be 5 minutes.

  • The PSAs should have clear messages and aim to raise awareness about the barriers and obstacles hindering the proper implementation of inclusive education.    The running of each PSA is not more 40-50 seconds.

  • The entire film and PSAs production i.e. writing, filming, editing, voicing/narration etc. should be done by the contractor, delivering a final ready-to-air product in broadcast standards and in HD technology. The entire development and production process will be closely monitored by the relevant project officer and PR specialist of Armenian Caritas providing continuous review, comments and thematic inputs support when needed.

  • While producing the film and PSAs the communication and visibility guidelines/requirements of European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Armenian Caritas should be taken into consideration.

  • The final materials (one film and three PSAs) should be submitted to the Armenian Caritas by 4 DVD discs.


  1. Minimum of three (3) years’ documented work experience in the area of film/social advertising/reportage/documentary writing, producing, directing and editing;

  2. Access to highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment.

  3. Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism;

  4. Ability to communicate and conduct interviews in Armenian (providing English subtitles would be an asset).

  5. Experience of working in the field of child protection/disability issues would be an asset.

The contractor is expected to provide the following:


1. Two links to work samples demonstrating most relevant previous productions

2. Detailed list with technical information of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc.

3. Brief presentation of the team, with CVs and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the production.

4. Budget proposal for the above mentioned tasks.  


1. A detailed timeline, work plan and draft outline should be submitted within 10 days after signing the contract.

2. The film and PSAs should be produced and finalized throughout a month.

3. The rough cut of the film and PSAs should be provided to Executive Producer, i.e. Armenian Caritas BNGO for review, comments and approval. Only Armenian Caritas BNGO has a final cut.


In order to participate in the tender process, the bidder should submit its proposal e-mail to the office of Caritas Armenia  to: and CC to,  by  15 July, 2018, in accordance with the data provided in these TOR.

Bidders will be informed of their exclusion or success within 5 calendar days after the opening of the proposals received.

Applications can be submitted in English or in Armenian.

Applications that do not include all the required documents will be disqualified.

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

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July 04, 2018