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November 15, 2017

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Communication specialist


Armenian Caritas (AC) sees itself as the expression and an instrument of charity of the Armenian Catholic Church. Accordingly, Armenian Caritas seeks to organize and implement humanitarian and charitable actions in favor of persons and social groups living under difficult conditions without religious, national or racial discrimination. Armenian Caritas views itself as an important force in actively promoting the democratic and developmental changes in Armenia and strives to work with families, uphold family values, and empower parents to be involved in healthy parenting values, thus implementing more, than 40 projects in different spheres of its Strategic priorities.

The projects in concern within this Call are:

- Family - oriented support for children and adolescents in critical circumstances in five "Little Prince" Day Care Social Centers and

- Home care for the Elderly in 4 locations of Armenia 

The main purpose of this Call is to develop and support in implementation of the communication plans for the above-mentioned 2 projects, which will meet the goals of fundraising, advocacy and awareness raising, identified by the projects. 

Scope of work 

- Development of media packages of the projects with key data, country context on the social protection and AC relevant work, with beneficiary stories and killer facts

- Development of communication plans of the projects.

- Design and development of small, but impressive leaflets, banners, social rolls, etc. which will communicate advocacy and fundraising messages.

- Consultations for project staff and beneficiaries on communication issues.

- Support project events (launches, field visits, open door days, ceremonies etc.) with a view to issue actionable recommendations to improve event management

- Contribute to identifying new and creative ways to enhance visibility and outreach of project deliverables and results.

- To travel to the fields to get to know projects and capture success stories.

- To provide report highlighting developments and achievements in contract period

Qualifications and Competencies 

- University degree in media relations and journalism, or related studies

- A minimum of 5 years of experience with a proven professional record in working in the field of media and communications 

- Experience in the usage of media technology, social media for public information

- Excellent command of writing success stories in Armenian and English

- Advances skills in graphic design will be viewed as an asset

- Experience in using technology and innovation for public outreach

- General understanding of fundraising and advocacy directions

Duration of the position -3 months with possible extension with 20 working hours in a week

Contract Type-Service

5 Terms of Payment- Lump sum -40% will be paid in mid-term work load 60% will be paid upon submission of final report and deliverables


All qualified candidates are requested to submit a CV to with subject “Communication Specialist” by November 15. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

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November 07, 2017