Digilib and ARMACAD Presentation at UCLA, USA

Publish Date: Mar 28, 2016

Event Dates: from Mar 30, 2016 04:00 to Mar 30, 2016 05:30

UCLA AGSA hosts Armenian Digital Library and ARMACAD

 Armenian Graduate Students’ Association at UCLA

invites you to join us for a meeting with two guests from Armenia.

Come get informed about two awesome online platforms: Armenian Digital Library and ARMACAD at

NELC Seminar Room (365)

(Humanities Building)


on Wednesday, March 30

Digital Library of Armenian Literature: Content and Toolsat Work

During his presentation David Karapetyan will talk about the American University of Armenia (AUA) Digital Library Project, its newly added content (especially martyred Western Armenian authors and their previously unpublished works), as well as the newly-launched website with its advanced search and dictionary tools.Karapetyan will also touch upon the activities of Digilib Facebook Page which has more than 15.000 followers (one of the biggest Armenian FB pages in its kind) and will stressthe crucial importance of the representation of Armenian literature and arts throughout global social networks.

About Digilib (www.digilib.am)

Operating since 1999, the AUA Armenian Digital Library was established as a platform for the collection, digitization, preservation and presentation to worldwide audiences of some of the enormous cultural wealth contained in the rich holdings of Armenian national repositories all over the world. The significance of the digital library goes beyond merely digitizing 3,000 works by 700 authors. The main strength of the Armenian Digital Library is that it is a dramatically advanced method of collecting, storing and organizing information in a digital format. The works included in Digital Library are chosen in compliance with the current academic standards of modern Armenian Studies. Bibliographical materials about the original documents, as well as later date editions are attached to each article inside. The Digital Library contains the best translations into modern Armenian, Russian, English, German, French, Italian, and other languages. The library consists of four major sections: 1. 5th to 18th Centuries Classical Armenian Literature, 2. 1850-2000 Western and Diaspora Literature, 3. Armenian Martyr Authors of Genocide period, 4. Armenian Studies.


Khachik Gevorgyan, the founder of ARMACAD will talk about the previous achievements andfuture plans of ARMACAD and how graduate students and professionals can use it as a tool for their academic and career achievements.

About ARMACAD (www.armacad.info)

ARMACAD is a platform for students, scholars, scientists and parents to search and find scholarships, grants, fully funded conferences, summer schools, trainings, seminars and other study opportunities worldwide, which was founded in 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia.Every day regular updates across hundreds of disciplines appear online on www.armacad.info. Each visitor may subscribe to ARMACAD mailing list and receive all updates via email, or through logging on the website, save those announcements on personal dashboards which are the most suitable for one's academic career and needs. By using advanced search options available on the website, scholarship programs and conference opportunities may be filtered according to eligible country and venue country, discipline and deadlines. To make the search among thousands of valid announcements easier and more user-friendly, there are three different ways to view the newsfeed on armacad.info. Each academic institution, university, NGO or any other entity may have a personal page on ARMACAD and store all their own announcements on that page.

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