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A Level Geography, Padworth College, UK

Publish Date: Mar 16, 2016

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Exam Board: AQA


Geography is a diverse and engaging subject that covers issues relevant to our world today. The course embraces contemporary geography whilst retaining key elements of traditional geography.

Geography is a subject which explicitly engages with the relationship of human populations to each other over space and time and their relationship with their physical environment at a variety of scales from the local to the global.

The subject content follows an 'issues and impacts' approach throughout. It has a developmental structure which helps to facilitate progression through the course and beyond to link with the demands of higher level study.

A Level geography helps to develop skills of understanding, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and communication. Geographers are well placed to find employment in sectors as diverse as government administration; GIS consultant, The Environment Agency, climate change mitigation, law, the European Union, transport, education and research.

Unit 1 (AS year)

Physical and Human Geography

This includes the study of core geographical concepts along with contrasting themes of contemporary or environmental impact, management and sustainability. Candidates study the following:

-Rivers, floods and management

-Population change

-One topic from Cold environments, Coastal environments and Hot desert environments

-One topic from Food supply issues, Energy issues and Health issues

Unit 2 (AS year)

Geographical Skills

-A geographical skills paper based on the content of Unit 1. Skills include:investigative, cartographic, graphical, ICT and statistical skills. Fieldwork will be undertaken as part of this unit. Students will develop an understanding of all stages, from planning and risk assessment, collecting the data and finally presenting, interpreting and evaluation the results.

Unit 3 (A2 year): Contemporary Geographical Issues.

An issues-based approach to contemporary geographical themes. Candidates study three topics:

Optional physical topics:

Plate Tectonics and associated Hazards

Weather and Climate

Ecosystems: change and challenge

Optional human topics:

World cities

Development and Globalisation

Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges

Unit 4A (A2 year)

Geographical Issue Evaluation OR Geography Fieldwork Investigation

Geographical Issue Evaluation: This unit gives candidates the opportunity to use their skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. An advance information booklet is pre-released prior to the exam to facilitate candidates’ research into an area which extends from the specification content.

Geography Fieldwork Investigation: This unit gives candidates the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into a more detailed fieldwork study. Candidates analyse and evaluate their fieldwork in response to the questions set. In addition, candidates will be assessed on fieldwork skills.


AS Level

-Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography - 2 hour written exam. 70% of AS (35% of A Level)

-Unit 2: Geographical Skills -1 hour written exam. 30% of AS (15% of A Level)


-Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues. A 2 hours 30 minutes written exam. 30% of A Level

-Unit 4: Geography Fieldwork or Geographical Issue. 1 hours 30 minutes written exam. 20% of A level

Course requirements

A grade C or above in GCSE English and mathematics

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (9 April 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program

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