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CONF/PROG – Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Iran and the Caucasus, July 01-02, 2011, Yerevan, Armenia

Publish Date: Jun 20, 2011

Event Dates: from Jul 01, 2011 12:00 to Jul 02, 2011 12:00


International Conference

15 Years of Achievements:

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of

Iran and the Caucasus,

BRILL Academic Publishers


July 01-02, (03) 2011
Yerevan, Armenia

Conference venue: Youth Foundation of Armenia,

Abovyan Street, 50/5

DAY 1: July 01, 2011

Registration and Opening Ceremony

08.30 – 10.00:             Registration

10.10 – 11.40:             Opening Ceremony

Official Greetings

- Prof. Dr. Samvel Haroutyunyan, Chairman, State Committee of Science,  Republic of Armenia


Prof., Dr. Garnik Asatrian (Yerevan State University), Editor-in Chief, Iran and the Caucasus

Iran and the Caucasus: 15 Years of Achievements

Prof., Dr. Uwe Bläsing (Leiden University),

Associate Editor, Iran and the Caucasus.

Prof., Dr. James Russell (Harvard University),

Editorial Board Member, Iran and the Caucasus.

Prof., Dr. Sekandar Amanolahi (Shiraz University),

Editorial Board Member, Iran and the Caucasus.

Prof. Dr.Giusto Traina (Sorbonne University),

Associate Editor, Iran and the Caucasus.

11.40 – 12.00:             Coffee Break

July 01, 2011. SESSION I (12.00 – 13.30)

SESSION 1-A (2nd floor Big Auditorium)

Modern History. Political Issues – I. Chair: Ali Granmayeh, Jason Strakes

  • Julien Zarifian (France) – The U.S. Policy toward Iran and the Role of the South Caucasus
  • John Limbert  (USA) - Iran’s Azarbaijan Crisis: Negotiating with a Weak Hand
  • Ali Kalirad  (Iran) – The Persian Sun and the Turkish Crescent: Ahmet Ağaoğlu (Ağayev) and the Dilemma of Azerbaijani Identity
  • Ara Marjanyan (Armenia) - The Energy Future of the  South Caucasus

SESSION 1-B (Basement Auditorium)

Caucasian and Iranian Linguistics – I. Chairs: Yushiro Kishida, Michael Balk

  • James Russell  (USA) – Observations on the Armenian Word List from the Cairo Geniza
  • Pavel Basharin  (Russia) – Proto-Iranian language contacts with Proto-North Caucasian
  • Alyeh Mehin Jafarabadi  (Iran) – A Survey on Slang
  • Words and Expressions in the Persian Language
  • Vardan Voskanyan (Armenia) – Indo-Aryan Lexical Archaisms in the Dialect of Armenian Gypsies.
  • Diana Hovhannisian (Armenia) – Verbal Nouns in Ossetic Based on the Nart Epic.

SESSION 1-C 2nd floor Small Auditorium

Literature – I. Chairs: Kevork Bardakjian, Khachik Gevorgyan

  • Kevork Bardakjian (USA) – The Nightingale’s Flight: What was Sayat-Nova’s World like as a Panjara?
  • Maryam Sangi (Iran) – Revision of Shamse Tabrizi’s Discourse in Terms of Post-modern Literatuare
  • Khachik Gevorgyan (Armenia) – On the Interpretation of the Term “Futuwat” in Mediaeval Persian Texts.
  • Siavash Lornejad, Ali Doostzadeh (Iran) – On Modern Politicizations of the Persian Poet Nezami-ye Ganjevi


13.30 – 14.50                          Lunch

July 01, 2011. SESSION II (15.00 – 16.30)

SESSION 2-A (2nd floor Auditorium)

Modern History. Political Issues. – II. Chair: Vardan Voskanian

  • Marilisa Lorusso  (Italy) – State Building and/or Nation Building? Towards a Consolidation of Powers in the South Caucasus (1991-2011)
  • Nasrolla Salehi  (Iran) – Along with an Anonymous Scribe: From Istanbul to Yerevan and Tabriz
  • Jason Strakes  (USA) – Hellenic Bridge to the Caucasus? Distance and Asymmetry in Armenian-Greek Foreign Relations
  • Khadijeh Bouzarjomehri  (Iran) – Rural Tourism in Iran: Based upon five typical Touristic villages of Iran

SESSION 2-B (Basement Auditorium)

Religion and Folklore I. Chairs: Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst, Matthias Weinreich

  • Matthias Weinreich (Germany) – No Help for Evil Axt. Ahriman´s Image and the Advent of Frašagird in the Story of Jōišt ī Friyān
  • Brannon Wheeler (USA) – Ancient Origins of the Mahdi in the History of Religions
  • Mikhail Pelevin (Russia), Matthias Weinreich (Germany) – The Songs of the Taliban: Continuity of Thought in an Everchanging Environment
  • Victoria Arakelova  (Armenia) – Sufi Characters as Yezidi Saints

SESSION 2-C (2nd floor Small Auditorium)

Early and Medieval History – I. Chair: James Russell

  • Reza Dehqani; Fateme Orouji (Iran) – The Role of Armenians in the Diplomacy System in the Qajar Era
  • Helen Giunashvili, Tamar Abuladze  (Georgia) -  Persian Firmans of the Safavid Period Intended for  the Georgian Sovereigns and Feudal Lords
  • Abbas Ghadimi  (Iran) -  Georgians in the Political and Administrative Structure of the Early Qajar Iran
  • Samvel Margarian (Armenia) – An Armenian Khan in Safavid Iran
  • Ameneh Baseri (Iran) – Some Notes on Ancient Caucasian Tribes
  • Jemshid Giunashvili, Helen Giunashvili (Georgia) – Early Sassanian Iran and Georgia: Questions of Cultural-Linguistic Interrelations.


16.30 – 17.00                          Coffee Break

July 01, 2011. SESSION III (17.00 – 18.30)

SESSION 3-A (2nd floor Auditorium)

Modern History. Political Issues. – III. Chairs: Georgiy Chochiev, Mikhail Pelevin

  • Ali Granmayeh  (UK) – Struggle for Democracy in the Caucasus and the Middle East: Yeprem Khan and Iranian Constitutional Revolution
  • Mikhail Pelevin (Russia) – The Development of Literacy and Conflict of Powers among Pashtuns on the Eve of State Formation
  • Nino Chikovani  (Georgia) – The United Caucasus – Eternal Political Project?
  • Georgy Chochiev (Russia) – North Caucasian Newspaper in the Early-20th-Century Istanbul: “Gwaze”
  • Nasroolah Poormohamadi (Iran) – The Armenians  and Religious Missionaries


Basement Auditorium

Literature , Culture.  Chairs:  Hasmik Kirakosian,  Lina Melkumian

  • Salman Saket (Iran)  –  A Study on the Novel of Touba and the Meaning of Night from Viewpoint of Magic Realism
  • Farid Yahaghi (Iran) – A Review of the Mechanism of Metaphor and Pictorial Pun in Graphic Designing
  • Lina Melkomian (Iran) – Armenia and Iran: Socio-Cultural Influences
  • Armin Kashmiri (Iran) – On the Poetry in Southern Tati

SESSION 3-C (2nd floor Small Auditorium)

Religion and Folklore – II

Chairs: Sekandar Amanolahi, Roman Smbatian

  • Desmond Durkin- Meisterernst  (Germany) – Eznik as a Source on Manichaeism
  • Diana Sokaeva (Russia) – Image of the Daughter of the Sun in Ossetian Folklore (Fairy Tale)
  • Moosavi Mirak (Iran) – Religious Symbolism of the People of Vafs village.
  • Julia Zakeri (Russia) – Concepts of Islamic State in the Philosophy of Shi’a Islam
  • Narine Gevorgian (Armenia) – Again on Ossetic Artawyz – Armenian Artawazd.

19.00               Welcome Party (Restaurant “GIZA”, Jrvezh)

Point of Departure – Conference venue

DAY 2: July 02, 2011

July 02. SESSION IV (10.00 – 11.30)

SESSION 4-A (2nd floor Auditorium)

Modern History. Political Issues.  – IV. Chair:  Caspar Ten Dam

  • Ali Mohammad Tarafdari (Iran) – Rethinking the Role of Armenians in the Constitutional Revolution of Iran in 1906
  • Ketevan Kakitelashvili (Georgia) – Dynamics of Reconstruction of the Past and History Teaching in the Post-Soviet Georgia
  • Lilith Vardanyan  (France) – The South Caucasus: Iran’s Starting Point.
  • Mahmud Joneydi Jafari (Iran) – On the Iranian National Unity.
  • Khatchik DerGhougassian  (Argentina) - Geopolitics and the “Dialogue of Civilizations”: Explaining Armenian-Iranian Relations Since Independence

SESSION 4-B (Basement Auditorium)

Anthropology. Identity Issues. Chairs: Victoria Arakelova,  Ceyhan Suvari

  • Ceyhan Suvari (Turkey)  – The Role Played by Intergroup Conflıcts ın the Constructıon of Ethnıcıty: The Case of Ivanovka Vıllage ın Azerbaıjan
  • Sekandar Amanolahi (Iran) – The Nature of Identity Among the Pastoral Nomads of Luristan, Southwest Iran
  • Elif Kanca (Turkey) – An Armenian Village in Turkey: Vakıflı
  • Vahe Boyajian (Armenia) – Change and Adaptation in Baluchi Traditional Tribal Structure.
  • Goodarz Rashtiani (Iran) – The Kurds of  the Caucasus: Identity and Ethnicity

SESSION 4-C (2nd floor Small Auditorium)

Early and Medieval History – II. Chairs: Giusto Traina, Levon Yepiskoposian

  • Somayeh Ansari  (Iran) – The Role of Military and Political Georgians in the Decline and Fall of the Safavids
  • Raisa Amirbekyan (Armenia) – The Calligraphy and Miniature Paintings of Oriental Manuscripts from the Matenadaran Collection.
  • Abbas Z. Mehrvarz (Iran) – The Geography of Babak Movement Based on Islamic sources
  • Roman Smbatyan  (Armenia) – The Khamsa Melikate of Karabakh during the Reign of Nadir Shah.
  • Irina Nachkebia (Georgia) – Georgia Viewed by French Lieutenant Camille-Alphonse Trézel  (May 1809)
  • Levon Episkoposian (Armenia), Vahid Rashidvash (Iran) -  The Location of the Azaris on the Patrilineal Genetic Landscape of the Middle East.

11.40 – 12.00                          Coffee break

July 02. SESSION V (12.00 – 13.30)

SESSION 5-A (2nd floor Auditorium)

Literature – II. Chairs: Mohammad Yahaghi, Helen Giunashvili

  • Sohrab Ehsani (Iran) – Shirin, from Legend to Reality
  • Mohammad  Yahaghi, Negar Yahaghi (Iran) – Marriages in Shahnameh: Their  Political and Legal Consequences
  • Javad Mahdavi  (Iran) – A Comparative Study on the Story of the Jewish King and his Vizier in Mathnavi of Rumi and the story of the Owls and the Crows in “Kalileh and Demneh”
  • Aliakbar Soroush (Iran) – Rumi  and Our Time

SESSION 5-B (Basement Auditorium)

Caucasian and Iranian Linguistics II. Chairs: Uwe Blaesing, Gerd Winkelhane

  • Gerd Winkelhane, Michael Balk, (Germany) – Hear, Read, Write: Easy Unicode for Small Languages.
  • Aysa Halidov (Russia) – About Ossetian Loans in Vainakh Languages
  • Dariush Borbor (Iran) –  A Comparative Overview of Reduplication in the Languages and Dialects of Iran
  • Hasmik Kirakosian (Armenia) – The Heteroclytic –r/-n Bases in North Iranian Toponymy.
  • Arseniy Vydrin (Russia) – Verbs of Desire in Iron Ossetic.

13.30 – 14.50                          Coffee break, Lunch

15.00 – 16.00:             CLOSING CEREMONY

Dr. Khachik Gevorgyan,

Yerevan State University, ARMACAD     -   Summing up

16.30 – 19.00: Cultural Program

Visit to the Pagan Temple of Garni and the Christian Monastery Complex of Geghard

Point of Departure – Youth Foundation of Armenia

19.30:                          Farewell Party

(Hotel Ani Restaurant)

DAY 3: July 03, 2011

10.00 – 13.00 Cultural Programme

(Visit to Ejmiadzin, The Armenian Church Mother See)

Point of Departure – Ani Hotel

19.30 – 22.30              Enlarged Meeting of the Editorial Board of Iran and the Caucasus (Karbi village, Ashtarak)

PROGRAMME, Iran and the Caucasus, 15

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