ARMACAD lecture on Admission process to the University of Cambridge


May 01, 2010

Armenian British Connect, Global Bridge Educational Centre in Yerevan and The Armenian Association for academic Partnership and Support Cordially invite you to participate in the ARMACAD lecture on Admission process to the University of Cambridge by Mr. Aleksandr Sahakyan.

Date: 10 May 2010, Monday
Time: 18.30
Country: Armenia
City: Yerevan
Time and Venue: To be announced to registered participants
Deadline to Register: 01 May 2010

The meeting will have two parts, with the first half covering the admission process to the University of Cambridge, which can also share some similarities with the admission processes to other UK universities. A special attention will be paid to the fundraising issues, uncovering the “inner kitchen” of the selection process. The lecture will provide important hints on how to determine the target for application, organize the documents (Armenia oriented) and properly interact with the chosen supervisor to lead the process to the final confirmation of the place. The funding options usually not mentioned on the University web pages will be discussed. The lecture is meant to be a face-to-face friendly interaction with pop-up questions from the interested participants. This section will be relevant to any person willing to study (undergraduate / graduate) or work as a researcher (PostDoc / visitor) at UK Universities.

The second part will touch the academic life in the frontier, which does not necessarily require the best possible equipments, resources or geographic location. The discussion will be directed towards the issue of how to do a useful and successful research in exact/life sciences that will be compliant with the modern standards and will end up as a publication in international peer-reviewed journals.
A contemporary information on the presence of Armenians in Cambridge will be presented.

The language of the lecture/discussions- Armenian

Timing of the lecture and time distribution over the covered themes – will be determined on-site driven by the interest and questions from the audience.

Presenter – Alik was born in Yerevan in 1987 and studied in the school #185 during which he participated to the republican and international chemistry olympiads. Leaving the school, he entered the Faculty of Pharmacy, Yerevan State Medical University (2003-2008). However, he did not put aside the object of his major interest, structural and computational chemistry, which was also facilitated by the granted personalized schedule allowing him to be absent in the 40 percent of compulsory classes of YSMU.

Since the first year in the university, he has thus been extending his knowledge in the fields of biophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, and protein physics combining them with pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, which the university education provided. He has also been employed at the Laboratory of NMR, Molecular Structure Research Center of NAS RA (2005-2008), where he has been deeply impressed by the tremendous possibilities offered by the NMR spectroscopy. The research was accompanied by frequent attendances to various conferences/workshops, a research visit to the Biophysical Section of the National Institutes of Health (NIH, Bethesda, USA) and multiple award/stipends. He then pursued an MPhil degree in Computational Biology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. Currently, he is still in Cambridge doing a PhD research on theoretical and biological chemistry (Chemistry Department). Finally, he sincerely believes that a good science does not recognize borders, both geographical and social, as he did all this starting from Armenia and without spending a penny.

To participate in this lecture, please, submit an email with short (1-3 lines) introduction (in Armenian or English) about yourself to armacadem@yahoo. with “Cambridge” in the subject line. The authors of emails with different subject line will not be considered for participation in this lecture. So, please, be sure that you mention “Cambridge” in the subject line of your email when registering for this lecture. The details of the meeting will be shared with those who registered till May 01.

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April 13, 2010