30-Day-Challenge Program - Turn a Problem Into an Opportunity

Publish Date: Oct 12, 2015

Deadline: Oct 14, 2015

About the Program

Have you noticed issues in your village, in your community, or in your country that you wished someone could solve for you? Great! You can do more than take notice. With our 30-Day-Challenge program we will show you how you can turn those issues into opportunities to improve yourself and your community by taking positive and proactive steps. This new workshop is created to provide all participants with the insights and tools to transform ideas into viable social projects or social businesses.

Participation is FREE of charge. Armenian translation will always be available during the workshops.

What will you learn?

As the title “Turn A Problem Into An Opportunity” reflects, the focus of these workshops is to support you with the process of spotting relevant issues in your community and how to come up with creative and innovative solutions you can implement. 

Once we have formulated our ideas, every attendee will receive practical advice and techniques that will help them test, shape and refine their ideas into feasible/viable social business ideas. This will be supported by interactive exercises so that participants fully experience the creative process.

How does it all work?

The 30-Day-Challenge will take place in four different regions of Armenia, and you can choose to participate in one of them. Starting from October 19, you will gather with other participants and international experts for a full-day introductory workshop, then you'll have 30 days to do some homework in your own community. After 30 days, we will meet again to wrap it up in a final workshop in November. In a nutshell, this is what each of those three sections will focus on:


During this workshop you will understand how you can find opportunities in problems and what you do to turn them into a social venture. You will also learn how to test your ideas/solutions in the market and/or in your community using tools such as the "Lean Canvas", and finally how to pitch or share your ideas with others.


  • October 19 - Gyumri
  • October 20 - Yerevan
  • October 21 - Gavar
  • October 22 - Stepanavan


You will have 30 days to do your research and test your prototype solution. Through interviews, brainstorming sessions and mind maps, you will shape your idea and prepare to pitch it in the final workshop.


After pitching and receiving feedback from social enterprise experts, you will learn how to validate your initial business model and start the process of building a viable social enterprise. In the end, Best Idea, Best Team and Best Progress in 30 Days will be announced.

Just keep in mind, it is all about Learning, not winning. Although the best ideas will be recognized by our panel of experts, this series of workshops is a learning experience that should provide you with the tools for discovering and implementing ways to create your own meaningful job or enterprise in the future.

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