International Short Video Competition 2021 - EU Neighbors’ day – Together for a Common Future

Publish Date: Jun 20, 2021

Deadline: Jun 20, 2021

International Short Video Competition 

EU Neighbors’ day – together for a common future

In these days, when the world is challenged by the threat which COVID-19 has brought upon us all , the various restriction measures, meant to protect our health and safety, unfortunately set us apart, expanding the distances between us. To burn these walls and overcome the gaps among us, while still protecting our wellbeing, we invite you to take part in a unique short movie competition which aims to gather your ideas and thoughts about friendship and tolerance within the EU. We hope that you will creatively engage in our competition and use the power of sound and visual in order to bring meaningful messages to life about the importance of peaceful cooperation within the EU.
•The competition is open to students enrolled at Universities (bachelor or master level) from partner countries (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Hungary), no matter the field of specialization.
•Although each work is welcomed, the contest is mainly addressed to the non-professional participants who enthusiastically seek to express their ideas through movie media.
•The entries should be individual.ThematicThe participants are invited to submit video works on following subjects:
•The value of friendship within people and EU’s neighbors.
•“Unity in diversity”. The power of tolerance and the understanding of cultural diversity.
•The value of cooperation in strengthening peace within EU.
•Democracy and citizenship in the EU.Technical details
•The submitted works should be original and reflect the participant’s own perspective and approach. If an entry involves any disputes over intellectual property rights, the contestant must assume all responsibility. The organizers are exonerated of all responsibilities derived from such a matter.
•The video-clips should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length and be submitted in MP4 format (max. 100 MB).
•Image resolution: 720p or higher.
•The language used in the videos should be English. If certain movie parts display a different language (interviews, for example), English hardsubs (embedded subtitle) must be provided.
•The participants are free to choose the video genre as they see fit (Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Collage etc.), excluding political/religious ads, unjustified graphic violence, abuse, or pornography.  The participants are free to choose the most appropriate way to visually express their message. If the chosen method is video-collage (including video shots, image/ photo transitions etc.) the participants have to make sure that the materials used are original or copyright free. For possible copy-right free/ royalty free resources please check the list at end of this call. All credits used in the video should be displayed in a frame at the end of the movie-clip.  
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