Environmental Journalism Fellowship in Northern Michigan 2020, Interlochen Public Radio, USA


June 15, 2020


Opportunity Cover Image - Environmental Journalism Fellowship in Northern Michigan 2020, Interlochen Public Radio, USA

Environmental Journalism Fellowship 

Life in northern Michigan relies on the water, land, forests and other natural wonders of the upper Great Lakes region.  IPR is committed to journalism that deepens our understanding of the natural world. That world is changing and our journalism needs to keep up. 

Through Interlochen Public Radio, millions of people have heard about the changing food web in the Great Lakes, farmers trying to adapt to climate change and a variety of issues that come with northern Michigan’s increasing popularity as a travel destination. We are only beginning to ask what a global pandemic will mean for our way of life and the natural resources we depend on.

We need help.

IPR will hire an aspiring reporter to strengthen our coverage of the things that matter most to our listeners. This is a grant-funded position for one year and includes housing on the campus of Interlochen Center for the Arts. 

IPR is committed to original and rigorous reporting that explores the intersection and well-being of our environment and human economies and culture. We need an ambitious reporter who will ask original questions, break stories, develop new sources and provide explanatory and illuminating journalism. While we focus on critical issues we also want to increase peoples' delight in living, visiting and knowing about the upper Great Lakes region.

Key responsibilities will include: 

  • Produce environmental news stories for public radio audiences.
  • Produce related and unique digital content.
  • Help reestablish and produce our weekly feature segment and podcast Points North.
  • Work collaboratively with other news organizations and cultivate peer to peer relationships with other journalists.
  • Pitch stories to NPR.

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June 06, 2020
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