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Call for Proposals - Filming for "Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population” (IRIS) Programme, Armenian Caritas BNGO

Publish Date: Aug 02, 2019

Deadline: Aug 25, 2019

Terms of Reference 

for filming within the framework of EU funded

“Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population” (IRIS) Programme

Armenian Caritas Benevolent NGO


Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population (IRIS)


EU IRIS Programme and IRIS Business Incubator (BI) Filming

Period for delivery of services 

2019 – 2021


EU IRIS Programme & IRIS Business Incubator


Armenian Caritas Benevolent NGO

E-mail submission of technical proposals

Background information

The “Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population in Armenia” (IRIS) programme – funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the ‘Madad’ Fund, and co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross – has the Overall Objective i) to contribute to the National Integration Policy that intends to guarantee a dignified life for Syrian Armenians in Armenia through full protection and integration, and the Specific Objective ii) to improve the social and economic resilience of Syrian Armenians and host population and to strengthen institutional capacities for economic growth in Armenia.

The EU IRIS Programme led by the Austrian Red Cross is currently being implemented in collaboration with four partners: the Armenian Caritas Benevolent NGO, the Armenian Red Cross Society, the Centre for Coordination of Syrian Armenians‘ Issues NGO and the SME Cooperation Association NGO.

The IRIS Business Incubator (BI), founded within the economic component of the EU IRIS Programme, supports Syrian-Armenian and local entrepreneurs to establish successful businesses by providing a unique full cycle of business support services, including coaching, mentoring, training and access to finance.

In order to raise awareness about the progress and impact of the EU IRIS Programme among the wider public incl. stakeholders, authorities, donors and the international community, and in order to promote the programme components and especially the IRIS Business Incubator, films and videos are to be produced and disseminated during the remaining 2 years of programme implementation. 

Overall objective of the current ToR

The overall objective of the current ToR is to produce (a) one film over all EU IRIS Programme components throughout the remaining programme implementation in English (10’) and a teaser about the same film (30-60 seconds) as well as (b) nine videos on IRIS Business Incubator in English and Armenian (four promotional short videos up to 1’, four middle length success stories up to 2’, one long video for the closing of the program (up to 10’) and a teaser (30-60 seconds).

Overview of Assignment

By hiring a video production company, the EU IRIS Programme wants to produce the following films and videos with its specific proposes:

-       EU IRIS Programme film and 1 teaser 10 minutes long film and one 30-60 seconds teaser produced during the remaining programme implementation period and covering all activities of the four programme components. Overall purpose is to increase awareness about the programme to the general public as well as local, state and international stakeholders and partners working in the field. Film should be produced in English with option to have Armenian subtitles.

-       4 promotional videos for the IRIS Business Incubator – up to 1 minute’s length each, one of them about the launch event of the BI. Videos should be in Armenian with the option to have English subtitles.

-       4 videos telling success stories of the IRIS Business Incubator – 4 videos up to 1,5-2 minutes length each telling the success stories of the beneficiaries of the BI; language of the videos should be English and Armenian.

-       1 film and 1 teaser about overall work of the IRIS Business Incubator – 1 film with up to 10minutes length and one 30-60 seconds teaser about the BI telling the story of its life starting from establishment till the end of the programme; video should be made in English and Armenian.

All these videos and films will be used by the EU IRIS Programme YouTube channel and programme partners’ social media in order to reach the target audience in Armenia and internationally.

Service provider is requested

Under the direct supervision of the EU IRIS Programme, the service provider will be requested:

  • to develop the films’ overall concept and scenario documentary script according to the programme outlines
  • to provide narration and translation including subtitles
  • to visit IRIS programme beneficiaries and/or events when needed and get their written consent to be filmed and interviewed
  • to provide draft films for revision and comments
  • to produce each video’s DVD in at least 2 copies. 
  • to elaborate one 10 minutes long film about the whole EU IRIS Programme
  • to elaborate one 30-60 seconds teaser of the 10 minutes long film on  EU IRIS Programme
  • to elaborate four up to 1 minute long promotional videos for IRIS Business Incubator
  • to elaborate four 1,5-2  minutes long videos about the success stories of the IRIS Business Incubator
  • to elaborate one up to 10 minutes long film about IRIS Business Incubator
  • to elaborate one 30-60 seconds teaser of the up to 10 minutes IRIS Business Incubator film

Expected results

  • 10 dynamic videos and 2 teasers with the well-defined messages (in English and Armenian) according to the characteristics mentioned above
  • hard and soft originals of the videos

All documentation produced by the company will remain the property of EU IRIS Programme. All information obtained may not be reproduced without the written permission.

The IRIS Programme will award based on the following factors, all of which are considered of equal importance:

1.            Relevant Experience:  The contractor must have at least three years of experience filming and editing promotional videos of a similar scope for similar clients in Armenia or European Union.

2.            Technical Competence:  The applications must provide a brief proposal narrative addressing technical competence, the firm/individual’s capabilities, qualifications, and approach to satisfy the requirements of the current ToRs. The company must perform all filming using 4K resolution quality. The contractor must also have the capacity to work in close coordination with the IRIS team to develop a script and storyboard as well as to have access to an actor database. Contractor should provide the following with their application:

a.            Sample of a script concept description developed for previous films

b.            A demo reel of editing and colour correction samples

c.            CVs of technical personnel

d.            Companies portfolio, links to the work

3.            Product Samples: Please provide a sample of promotional videos and a detailed description of statistics of each video’s outreach. For each sample, please provide the following information:

  • Client’s name and contact information
  • Periods of performance dates
  • Brief summary of work performed including examples of videos created
  • Project manager and staff assigned to work on the video
  • Films produced specifically to be posted on social media
  • Promotion tools used and results generated
  • List of online media platforms where contractor’s films have been showcased (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • List of equipment used

Please be sure to include a variety of product samples that illustrate the following:

-              A least three years of experience filming using 4K resolution

-              Evidence of owning high-quality stock footage of Armenia cultural and natural assets, which are free of copyright and can be used by a third party as needed

-              Visual effects portfolio – 2D and 3D

-              List of equipment used

4.            Résumés of potential contractor assignees, including:

a.            Hierarchy of work division and structure

b.            CV’s of all team members who will be assigned to this project

c.            Sound engineer

d.            Director and Director of Photography (DOP) portfolio

5.            Pricing: applicants should apply by providing a detailed quote using the attached budget template in Annex 1.

Application Procedure:

Quotes submitted must include the following information to be deemed responsive to this Request for Quote and accepted by the EU IRIS Programme:

A)     Business name, address, and telephone number

B)      Business point of contact name, telephone number and email address

C)      Relevant Experience / Past Performance

D)     Technical Competence

E)      Product Samples

F)      Résumés

G)     Pricing 

Prices should be presented in AMD without VAT

VAT will not be eligible

In case of need there is possibility to have a meeting with the EU IRIS Programme and IRIS Business Incubator representative(s) beforehand to be able to elaborate proper proposal.

In case of question please contact Shushanik Nersesyan, IRIS BI Communication and PR Officer:

mob. +374-91506884.

Deadline for presenting the proposals is 25.08.2019

All applications should be sent to with CC to,


The EU IRIS Programme is free from VAT according to the agreement between the Republic of Armenia and European Union.

Only the European Union represented by the European Commission has the right to approve the final products or to demand some changes in it.

The EU IRIS Programme reserves the right to reject any or all of the applications. The EU IRIS Programme may choose specific organisation based on price, potential or actual performance of the applicant organisation, reliability or ability to provide services or combination of these or other criteria. The EU IRIS Programme also may decide not to choose any of the applicants if it stems from the interest of the EU IRIS Programme. Technical evaluation, selection of the organisation from applicants and contract signature is the exclusive competence of the EU IRIS Programme.


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