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Summer School - Geoengineering the Climate, 12-16 August 2019, Beijing Normal University, China

Publish Date: Jan 30, 2019

Deadline: Mar 30, 2019

Event Dates: from Aug 12, 2019 12:00 to Aug 16, 2019 12:00

Call for Applications: Geoengineering the Climate

2nd Summer School at Beijing Normal University

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is the most radical, controversial, and rapidly acting form of geoengineering. SRM is a set of proposals to reduce the impacts of climate change by means such as sulfate aerosol injection or marine cloud brightening. Apply before March 30 by sending a 300 word explanation of your motivation for attending, and current CV. Also indicate if and how much travel support is needed.

Climate Engineering

Climate engineering covers technologies both for removing the causes and for treating the symptoms of anthropogenic climate change. The former are called carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies because they reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, the latter radiation management (RM) technologies because they directly influence radiation balance and therefore temperature. CDR technologies use biological, chemical, or physical processes to cause the ocean or terrestrial biosphere to absorb atmospheric CO2 or directly store it geologically. RM technologies either reduce the Earth’s short-wave solar radiation of the Earth or increase its reflection, or increase long-wave thermal radiation into space.

Basic Information on CE

Royal Society Report

Mayor study by the British Royal Society published 1th of September 2009

Scoping study on Climate Engineering

Most comprehensive and up to date research on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research published 4th of October 2011

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