Emory University Dissertation Completion Fellowship Program 2019 – 2020, USA

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January 30, 2019


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Dissertation Completion Fellows Program 2019 – 2020

The Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry announces its annual Dissertation Completion Fellowships for students enrolled in the Laney Graduate School of Emory University for an academic year of residence in the Center to finish their dissertations. The purpose of the FCHI Dissertation Completion Fellowship Program is to support timely completion of Ph.D. work; it is designed for students whose work is far enough advanced so that completion and final approval of the dissertation during the academic year can be assured. In addition to finishing the dissertation, FCHI Dissertation Completion Fellows will be expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Center and all of its programs. Fellows will also be expected to give one public presentation on their research during the Fellowship. The FCHI Graduate Program is comprised of two groups, the Dissertation Completion Fellows and the Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellows. Dissertation Completion Fellows, who will normally be in their 6th -year of graduate study during the fellowship year, will receive the regular FCHI graduate stipend, plus $1,000 in research funds and shared office space at the Center. However, to honor the original intention of the Dissertation Completion Fellowship Program, which was instituted for 5th -year students to reward accelerated progress at a time when only four years of graduate aid was available, successful 5th -year applicants will be awarded a Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship, which will increase their regular stipends, plus $1,000 in research funds and shared office space at the Center. Please note that 5th -year Fellows are students who, at the beginning of the 2019-2020 Fellowship year, will be in their 5 th -year of Ph.D. work at Emory.


The FCHI Dissertation Completion Fellows Program is designed both for members of humanities departments as traditionally defined and for other students seriously working with humanistic issues. Dissertation projects must be humanistic, but Fellows may be enrolled in any Department or Program of the Laney Graduate School. Especially appropriate are applicants whose research is likely to contribute to intellectual exchange among a diverse group of scholars within the disciplines of the humanities. Because the FCHI is a residential center, its intellectual life depends on collegial interaction. Fellows will be expected to be in residence full-time during both terms of the regular academic year and to take an active part in the life of the FCHI, as well as in the intellectual life of the larger University. Currently the Dissertation Completion Fellows Program is limited to students in the Laney Graduate School for whom completion of the dissertation will coincide with the fellowship year. In most cases, preference will be given to students whose 5th -year would be spent at the Center.


Applications will be judged on the promise and significance of the dissertation, in relation to the applicant’s own work and that of other scholars; the feasibility of completing the dissertation within the fellowship year; the intellectual distinction of the applicant’s previous work; and the applicant’s ability to engage in collegial interactions that will substantively contribute to the Center and the University. Evaluators will look for applicants and projects that will benefit from and contribute to the interdisciplinary work of the group of Fellows and the mission of the FCHI. Evaluators will also seek variety and balance among the disciplines represented at the Center. Dissertation Completion Fellows Program 2019 – 2020 THE BILL AND CAROL FOX CENTER FOR HUMANISTIC INQUIRY EMORY UNIVERSITY


Upon notification of an FCHI Dissertation Completion Fellowship, recipients must agree to: conduct dissertation work in residence full-time at the FCHI for the academic year; take full responsibility for contributing to and maintaining an environment conducive to academic research while at the Center; complete the dissertation for graduation by the end of the academic year; submit a final report at the end of the Fellowship; acknowledge the FCHI in all work resulting from research and writing done during the Fellowship; attend all Fellows’ lunches, lectures, and programs sponsored by the FCHI during their terms of residence; give one public presentation on their research during the academic year; immediately notify the FCHI of any other support or of any conflicts with the restrictions and conditions of this Fellowship Program; for three years following the Fellowship, provide written reports to the Director of the FCHI detailing how their research and teaching has been influenced by the time spent during the Fellowship.

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