11th International Congress of ABRALIN/CfP - Linguistics in Contemporaneity: Debates, Challenges and Propositions, 2-9 May 2019, Brazil


October 31, 2018


Event Date:

May 02, 2019 - May 09, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - 11th International Congress of ABRALIN/CfP - Linguistics in Contemporaneity: Debates, Challenges and Propositions, 2-9 May 2019, Brazil

The Brazilian Linguistics Association (ABRALIN) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019 with a special event: ABRALIN50. The event, which will host the 11th International Congress of ABRALIN, the 24th ABRALIN’s Institute and two satellite events (to be announced shortly) will take place beautiful Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, from May 02 to May 09, 2019.

The main objective of the 11th International Congress of ABRALIN is to address fundamental issues for Linguistics today, instigating debates that facilitate courses of actions in the area in face of the transformations in the contemporary world. Moreover, the event also aims to promote propositional dialogues between Linguistics and other areas of knowledge.Challenges and Propositions

The ABRALIN Institute, with a long tradition in the history of our Association, aims to contribute to the international colaboration and to the qualification in the area of ​​Linguistics. The Institute will offer a selection of courses taught by renowned foreign and Brazilian specialists, promoting the discussion, the dissemination and the sharing of the most recent theoretical and methodological trends in the area of Linguistics.

ABRALIN invites the academic community in the area of Linguistics – professionals, elementary and high school teachers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and any member of the community to celebrate its 50th anniversary, with important discussions for the future of the area of Linguistics in one of the the most beautiful regions of Brazil: Maceió, Alagoas.


Authors are invited to submit papers on original, unpublished research for the XI International Congress of ABRALIN in the following modalities: Poster Session, Special Session or Satellite Event. Each author may only submit a maximum of two papers, one of which, in this case, necessarily as a co-author.

You need to be an ABRALIN associate in order to submit a paper to its International Congress. 

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions are an ideal space for presentations and interactions over a longer period of time, which can lead to longer discussions, and peer-to-peer exchanges. Poster Sessions will last 1 hour. Papers sent to Poster Sessions will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the area for which the paper is being submitted.

Special Sessions
The purpose of the Special Sessions is to promote advanced discussions on the proposed topics. Special Sessions will last 3 hours in a single session. The session coordinators will select the papers to be presented. Papers submitted to Special Sessions will be evaluated by the organisers of the Special Sessions.
Satellites Events
In this commemorative edition, the International Congress of ABRALIN will host Satellites Events. These events will function independently, each having its own organising committee. The Satellite Events will take place in the same space of the Congress, during the afternoon. Papers submitted to Satellite Events will be evaluated by the organizers of the Satellite Event. 
Paper Format and Submission
For paper submissions to Poster Sessions, Special Sessions and Satellite Events, consider the following information:

  1. Only abstracts will be accepted. They must be sent using the registration platform.
  2. Abstracts must contain a title and a minimum of three keywords.
  3. Abstracts must contain a maximum of 4000 characters with space.
  4. If you identify yourself in any way in the abstract, your submission will be rejected without being evaluated.

Abstracts that do not comply with the above guidelines will not be considered.


Following the tradition of Dance your Ph.D., ABRALIN is offering you the opportunity to show people during the event a video of your paper interpreted in dance form.

How to enter

  1. Turn your paper into a dance;
  2. Record it and post the video on YouTube;
  3. Send us the link by 15 February 2019 at 11:59 PM

The rules

  1. You must submit register in the event and submit the paper as anyone else in order to enter;
  2. You must be part of the dance;
  3. Your paper needs to be accepted for presentation in order for your video to be considered.

The prizes

  1. If your videos is chosen as the winner, it will be feature in a special moment in the event.
  2. You’ll have a cash prize of R$ 1000 and a selection of books from our partner publishing companies.


The fees listed below refer to the amount that will be charged on the day of payment and not on the day of registration. A 10% processing fee will be charged at check-out.

Please notice that if you are a foreigner, you do not have to be an ABRALIN member to participate in the event. However, you will have to pay an extra fee in order to do so (R$ 280,00 or approximately U$ 65). The extra fee will be added at the checkout. If you prefer to join ABRALIN, please use our membership system: https://goo.gl/qJuR9C. In case you have any problems or any questions regarding the enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact us: abralin@abralin.org.

To ensure that your work will be included in the final programme, if accepted, you must pay the registration fee until 09/02/2019.

The place in the courses and workshops (Institute) is only guaranteed when the appropriate registration fees is paid. You have two days to pay the registration fee. After that, if you do not pay the the fee, your registration to any course or workshop will be automatically canceled.

You’ll receive a 10% discount in case you register in two courses.

CATEGORIES 30/10/2018 31/12/2018 AFTER 31/12/2018
Undergraduate Students R$ 100 R$ 150 R$ 200
Graduate Students R$ 200 R$ 250 R$ 300
Professionals R$ 300 R$ 400 R$ 500
ACTIVITIES 30/10/2018 31/12/2018 AFTER 31/12/2018
Courses (Each) R$ 100 R$ 120 R$ 130
Workshops (Each) R$ 30 R$ 40 R$ 50

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