Summer School - Understanding the Middle East, 25 - 29 June 2018, Italy


May 25, 2018


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June 25, 2018 - June 29, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - Understanding the Middle East, 25 - 29 June 2018, Italy

Summer School - Understanding the Middle East

Within the context of the TOMidEast initiatives, the Department of Culture, Politics, and Society, University of Turin, is pleased to announce the fifth edition of the Summer School “Understanding the Middle East” dedicated this year to the issue of the role of natural resources and human flows in the struggle for the hegemony.

Over the last twenty years, the sectarian reading of Middle Eastern conflicts and societies more broadly has become commonplace, pervasive and totalizing both within academia and the media. However, this analytical framework oversimplifies reality, depicting the MENA as a region enduring perpetual fighting between tribes, sects, and confessions.

This fifth edition of the summer school “Understanding the Middle East” critically unpacks this analytical framework trying to reflect on two strictly connected dimensions: the role of natural resources and human flows in shaping the politics of the Middle East. In this light, the struggle for regional hegemony deals with realpolitik imperatives – and interests – and not with the sectarian composition of the MENA states. Accordingly, the management of natural resources (hydrocarbons, gas, water, nuclear power) and human flows (war refugees, environmental refugees, displaced people, etc.) play a central role. Competition over resources, indeed, is something affecting borders, identities, nationhood and, of course, ecology.

In short, the objective of the summer school is to offer useful tools of analysis to better understand the complexity of the current transformations and, at the same time, to re-open discussions free from oversimplifications.

Admission Criteria

The TOMidEast summer school is designed to suit the needs of highly motivated students and professionals who wish to engage with an intensive set of courses focusing on contemporary Middle East political development.

Applications by any professional or student who is in possession of the required qualifications are welcomed. These are a Bachelor honours degree (or an equivalent European title, such as the laurea triennale for Italian students with a minimum grade of 100/110) and good command of the English language.

Undergraduate students (i.e. students who will not yet have a degree at the start of the School) who are enrolled in an area-studies university course focussing on Middle East are also welcome, provided that they have completed at least one year of course.

Special attention will be devoted to those applicants who can demonstrate their proficiency in English by means of an international qualification. Though this is not a mandatory requirement, an ideal proof would be a minimum TOEFL score of 620 (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test), or 100 (Internet test), or IELTS 7.0 or their equivalent (e.g. the Cambridge Advanced or CPE Certificate). Previous studying experience abroad will also be taken into consideration.

Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fees are 350€ for students and 450€ for professionals (VAT included). Student status will be extended to applicants who graduated in December 2017 or later and who are not currently employed full-time. Fees cover tuition and working materials.

Students only may apply for one type of scholarship:

  • FREETORINO: 10 scholarships covering accommodation expenses in Torino for participants who live outside the Province of Torino. Those who are awarded a FREETORINO scholarship will be lodging at one of Torino’s student halls from June 24th to June 29th (included). A single or double (depending on availability) en-suite room will be provided. These scholarships may be applied for by all School applicants who are currently students (i.e. undergraduates who will not have yet completed their degree at the time of the School, or applicants who either are studying at the postgraduate level or will be doing so in the 2018-19 academic year). These scholarships may be applied also to applicants who graduated in December 2017 or later and who are not currently employed full-time. Applicants must not be resident in the Province of Torino.

Students wishing to apply for one of the 10 FREETORINO scholarships should tick the appropriate case while filling up the application form and send it to the school secretary ( with the proof of residence document that can be downloaded in the “How to Apply” section.

How to apply

Since the total number of participants is set at 35 and it includes both students and professionals, a tough competition to secure a place at the School is expected. Applicants, therefore, are advise to apply as soon as possible, provided they meet the admission criteria.

In order for their application to be considered, applicants must complete and send the 2018 application form and their updated CV to the TOMidEast office ( 

In addition to these, students only are requested to send (via email) a copy of their official enrolment letter/certification testifying their current student status and an academic transcript. Student status will be extended to applicants who graduated in December 2017 and later and who are not currently employed full-time. In this case, applicants are requested to send (via email) a copy of their certificate testifying their graduate status and an academic transcript. The transcript will be used to select the best candidates, both for a place at the School and for one of the scholarships, if requested. Students applying for a Freetorino scholarships are also required to give proof of their residence by filling in, signing and returning the document.

When all necessary application documents are in the hand of the TOMidEast office, the secretary will place them in an individual file and make sure all compulsory requirements are met. If this is the case, the file is passed on to the senior scholars who select successful candidates.

All complete applications reaching TOMidEast by May 9th 5pm (Rome time) will be evaluated by May 14th and official confirmations will be sent individually immediately thereafter. All remaining applications sent by the closing date will be assessed and results communicated by May 31st.

Successful applicants receiving an offer must formally accept it and send proof of fees payment (direct bank transfer) via email. Upon receiving these, the TOMidEast office will confirm the allocation of the place. Applicants who should fail to send such confirmation and proof of payment within a week from the notification of their successful application will have their offer withdrawn. All successful applicants must pay their full fees.

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