All Constructing European Citizenship. Training Course On Inclusion & Diversity

Publish Date: Feb 04, 2013

Deadline: Feb 15, 2013

Event Dates: from Apr 15, 2013 12:00 to Apr 23, 2013 12:00

Training course
15-23 April 2013 | Málaga, Spain
Application deadline: 15 February 2013


The training course “All Constructing European Citizenship. Training Course on Inclusion and Diversity” is within action 3.1. It aims to empower youth coordinators and activists from five countries on inclusion and citizenship using tools which can be employed daily in their organisations’ activities and projects. The main objective of this course is to serve as a seed to encourage the multiplier effect in the respective countries.

The current situation in Europe faces great challenges. In fact, due to the financial crisis and the crisis of values of most European countries, our society should reconsider the fight against the phenomena of xenophobia, racism and hatred towards what is different, which destroys the very basis of citizenship.

When speaking about revaluing the differences in our increasingly globalised world, we must take into account that equality will never be true as long as there is hatred, and political and social dynamics of struggle against it. Differing opinions will only surface, resulting in hate crimes. As the former Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, said: “We love what we are, without hating what we are not.”
With this project we want to play our part in what we regard the inclusion of all those who are marginalised and excluded. To break away from discrimination, regardless of whatever your reasons, we believe that inclusion has become one of the most powerful tools that we have today. To achieve this goal, we try to promote diversity in all its embodiments: gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion, customs, minority, ethnic minorities, etc.

“All Constructing European Citizenship. Training Course on Inclusion and Diversity “is a 8 day course to be held in Malaga (Spain) with 20 participants and 15 experts. The city of Malaga has been chosen due to its great urban development, tourism and cultural rejuvenation at the moment, making it one of the friendliest cities in Spain. However, being a city of the sea and upholding its cultural tradition of being open to travellers is simply not enough. Its reluctance towards what is different still prevents the deeper processes of multiculturalism to develop in the city, so it feels like this training course has come at the right time.

The course provides the project’s actors with a quest for cultural balance. Furthermore, the Spanish group of the organisation, “Families for Diversity”, will be involved.

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