Georgian Manuscripts – 2nd International Symposium, 25-30 June, 2013, Tbilisi

Publish Date: Jan 29, 2013

Deadline: Mar 15, 2013

Event Dates: from Jun 25, 2013 12:00 to Jun 30, 2013 12:00

Georgian Manuscript is an important part of the world’s cultural heritage. It represents the major phases of the evolution of the Georgian culture – development of the Georgian alphabet, written language, and philosophical, literary, legal and scientific thought, cultural contacts of the Georgian people with the outside world…

Exceptional monuments of the Georgian history and culture – handwritten books, historical documents, archives of the writers, statesmen and scholars, old printed editions are preserved in the Fonds of the National Centre of Manuscripts. Another part of the Centre’s treasury – ancient documents, manuscripts and old printed books in Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Armenian, Slavic, Latin and other languages – is also of great interest for the academic circles.

The Fonds of the National Centre of Manuscripts attract Georgian and foreign scholars with their variety and antiquity. These Fonds gave birth to many interesting ideas, new interpretations, important discoveries. Together with the study and popularization of the handwritten heritage, the National Centre has another priority – protection of this treasury: preservation, conservation and restoration, cataloguing and description, digitalization, creation of the information database of the manuscripts.

The First International Symposium “Georgian Manuscript” was held in 2009 in celebration of the 50 anniversary of the National Centre of Manuscripts. At that time it was decided that this type of scholarly forum must be organized on a regular basis once in a few years.

The aim of the current Symposium is to offer an opportunity to scholars who study Georgian and other language manuscripts, to present the results of their work in the different spheres of research. Although the title of the Symposium indicates that the forum will be mostly focused on Georgian handwritten heritage, studies of manuscripts in other languages will be also highly welcomed.

• Medieval Christian culture and the Georgian manuscript
• Georgian translational tradition
• Medieval scientific knowledge and the Georgian manuscript
• Medieval legal thought and the Georgian handwritten heritage
• Oriental culture and Georgia (the handwritten heritage)
• Western culture and Georgia (the handwritten heritage)
• Missionaries, travellers and scholars about Georgia
• Georgian Emigration (Archival Heritage)
• Creation of the manuscript: commissioners, copyists, painters, bookbinders
• Origins of the printed book
• Modern technologies and the handwritten heritage
• Manuscript culture and the modern concepts of exhibition

Codicology / Textology
Source study / Diplomatics
Art of book creation / Exhibition
Archival science
Old printed book
Restoration / Digitalization / Database


Submission deadline: March 15, 2013 (
The expected length: 2.000-4.000 symbols.
Organizing committee’s approval: before April 10, 2013.

Submission deadline: In one month after receiving confirmation upon participation
Font: Acadnusx, Sylfaen, Times New Roman
The expected length: 13.000 symbols

The submitted paper must not be published or read at any other conference

June 25-30, 2013
National Centre of Manuscripts, Tbilisi

M. Aleksidze str. 1/3
0193 Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: (+995 32) 2 47 42 42 (104)
Fax: (+995 32) 2 36 32 41

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