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Publish Date: Aug 10, 2010

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Institute of Asian and African Studies

Armenian Studies Update, Fall 2010

Armenian Studies Courses Resuming

The Armenian Studies Program is very pleased to announce the resumption of teaching in the area of Armenian Studies next academic year, after a hiatus of one year. At the end of last academic year, 2008-2009, we bade farewell to Dr. Sergio La Porta who has taken up a chair of Armenian Studies in the California State University in Fresno, CA, USA. Sergio’s connection with our program dates back a decade or more, commencing as a visiting graduate student. He became Lecturer in Armenian Studies and held this rank until his departure. We wish him every success in his new position.


Next year we will host, together with the European Forum, Prof. Jasmine Dum-Tragut of Salzburg. A highly qualified Armenologist, with her second doctorate under Prof. Dr. J.J.S. Weitenberg of Leiden University, Jasmine will teach an intensive course on The History and Culture of the Armenian People in November and December. Emeritus Professor Michael E. Stone will teach Elementary Ancient Armenian in the first term.

Classical Armenian for Beginners, Prof. M.E. Stone, semester 1, Wed. mornings 10.30-12.


The History and Culture of the Armenian People, Prof. J. Dum-Tragut, semester 1 (intensive course in October and November), details to be announced.


All those with an interest in Armenian Studies, the Armenian people and its language and culture are encouraged to enroll. Response to these courses will be important for the future. Much interest has already been expressed. See further


It is possible for those not students of the Hebrew University to enroll for these courses. See the information posted on the University web site: www.huji.ac. il. Information is available from the Secretary of Middle East Studies, at 972/ 2/ 588 1220 or at Middle Studies islam-mideast@ savion.huji. ac.il

Congratulations to Fr. Pakrad Bourjekian

Rudin Fellowship Scholar

Father Pakrad Bourjekian of the Armenian Brotherhood of Sts. James, Jerusalem was awarded the degree of MA in Armenian Studies at the degree ceremony in May 2010. Father Pakrad wrote his thesis on: “An Unpublished Homily of St. Gregory the Martyrophile” . He has enrolled for the doctoral degree and his studies will be guided by Prof. Reuven Amitai and Prof. Michael Stone.

Father Pakrad’s studies have been supported by a continuing grant from the Sam and May Rudin Foundation to foster University studies of priests of the Armenian Convent in Jerusalem. On this occasion, thanks are expressed to the foundation for its continued support.

Visitors 2009-2010

Professor Theo M. van Lint

In March 2010, Prof. Theo M. van Lint delivered lectures at the Hebrew University under the auspices of the Centre for Literary Studies, where he was Sanford Budick Visiting Fellow. Prof. van Lint is Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies in Oxford University. He is renowned for his studies in the field of Medieval Armenian Literature, and especially poetry. His visit was organized by the Armenian Studies program, with the cooperation and support of Professor Reuven Amitai, Head of the Institute of Asian and African Studies.

His three public lectures were well attended, the central one being a magistral overview of the streams and development of Armenian poetry. He participated in two seminars in the Institute, one dealing with Mameluk history (Prof. Amitai) and one with Persian poetry (Dr. Julia Rubanovich). His lectures highlighted not only the unique character and creativity of Armenian literature, but the interrelations between Armenian Studies and other branches of studies of the middle east. The sessions were well attended by folk from within and outside the University, including H.E. Bishop Aris Shirvanian, representing the Armenian Patriarch and H.E. Mr. Tsolag Momjian, Honourary Consul of Armenia in Jerusalem.

Professor James Russell

In May Professor James Russell, Mashtotz Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard University was in Jerusalem on a private visit. He met with Professor Michael Stone and Professor Reuven Amitai and others of our students.

Univ. Doz. Dr. Jasmine Dum-Tragut

In Fall 2009 Dr. Dum-Tragut visited the University and gave a two-week course on Armenia in the Context of the Caucasus under the auspices of the Centre for European Studies and Austrian Studies. The course was widely popular and well attended. Dr. Dum-Tragut will return next autumn to give an intensive course in the context of the Armenian Studies Program.

Prof. Dum-Tragut will deliver two public lectures during her visit this Fall. One, in Armenian  will be given for the S. Jarankavorats  Armenian Theological Seminary and the other in the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the Hebrew University.

She is also involved in the project of the study of the old Armenian community (kaghakatsi) of Jerusalem, its dialect and cultural traditions, which was initiated by Prof. Michael Stone a decade ago under the  auspices of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the National Armenian Academy of Sciences  (see below).

Last year, Dr. Dum-Tragut was made honourary doctor of Armenology of the Armenian Academy. Congratulations, Jasmine!

Her visits are supported in part by the Armenian Patriarchate, and our thanks are expressed to His Beatitude Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, and to Very Rev. Fr. Pakrad Bourjekian. 

Donation by Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel Drench

Mr. and Mrs Daniel Drench made a donation of NIS 1,000 in memory of their friend, Mr. Drench’s “WWII comrade” who died recently. The donation will be used for purchase of English translations of Armenian historical sources that will help highlight their importance for understanding the role of the Armenians in the history of the region. The books have been ordered and a bookplate signaling the donation will by put into them. We will add to our resources in this way:

  1. ChronicleVardan Areveltsi, Robert W. Thomson (Author, Editor). 1991.
  2. Chronicle of Abraham of Crete, The. George A. Bournoutian (Translator)
    Abraham of Crete (Author).
  3. Chronicle of Deacon Zak’aria of K`anak`er, The. George A. Bournoutian (Translator) . Deacon Zak’aria of K`anak`er (Author).
  4. History of Bishop Sebeos, TheRedefining a Seventh-Century Voice from Armenia. Gabriel Soultanian (Author).
  5. Patmutiun Tann ArtsruneatsHistory of the House of Artsrunik
    Robert W. Thomson. (Author, Editor). Thomas Artsruni (Author).

Poetry Book by M.E. Stone donated to Libraries

Copies of M.E. Stone, Selected Poems, Cyclamens and Swords Press 2010 have been donated to the National Library and the Mt. Scopus Library. The book contains many poems inspired by Stone’s experiences of Armenia and Armenian culture. (http://www.cyclamen sandswords. com/bookshop. php).

About the Book

Michael Stone’s knowledge of the Armenian Culture is extensive; he has managed to capture its essence through his poems. To keep him company in his writings are contemporary sites and the people of the modern Republic, its natural wonders, fauna and flora, and the ghosts of beloved saints.

This is a gorgeous quote from his poem “Sinai Scenes”: 

“They are all still there—

Romans, Greeks, Nabateans,

Armenians, Jews, Arabs,

Bedouin, Sabeans, Egyptians.

Layered human traffic of the wasteland.”

Lola Koundakjian, Poet, Curator and Producer of The Armenian Poetry Project

Visit of Karina Totah

Ms Karina Totah, daughter of long-time supporter Mrs. Annie Totah of Washington, DC was in Israel during the spring and spent fruitful time consulting with Prof. Stone on steps to be taken to strengthen the future of Armenian Studies. She was able to attend Prof. van Lint’s lectures.

Abraham Book and Rock Inscriptions Project

Michael Stone has received a grant from the Israel Science Foundation to work on a book of unpublished texts he collected from Armenian manuscripts world-wide relating to the Patriarch Abraham. Such grants are a considerable honour.

The Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti project, that has hosted the Armenian Studies office, has received a gift of some photographs of additional Armenian Inscriptions from the Sinai. Prof. Dum-Tragut, during her visit last fall, took numerous photographs of Armenian graffiti in holy places and donated them to the Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project. Photographs were also received from Prof. Hannah Cotton of Armenian tombstones from the Mt. Zion area and from a guest of an Armenian inscription set in the crenellations of the Old City wall.

These will all be published soon.

Kaghakac’i Dialect and Culture Project

Professor Jasmine Dum-Tragut

Prof. Dum-Tragut will continue the work commenced over a decade ago on the particular dialect of the old Armenian families of Jerusalem. Almost no full speakers remain alive and the discs prepared by the Armenian Studies Program a decade or more ago have thus become doubly valuable. This project is conducted by the Armenian Studies program. In the past, both the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia supported the project. After some years’ hiatus, the project is being revived and talks will be initiated to renew the Academies’ interest in it.

Hebrew University Armenian Series

New volumes in this prestigious series are appearing even as I write:

Just out is:

Ch. Burchard, A Minor Edition of the Armenian Version of «Joseph and Aseneth»

In various stages of production are:

M.E. Stone and V. Hillel, An Editio Minor of the Armenian Version of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs

M.E. Stone and N. Stone, Catalogue of the Additional Armenian Manuscripts of the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.

  1. Muradyan, Grecisms in Ancient Armenian.

Further volumes are under preparation and a full list may be seen at:

http://www.peeters- leuven.be/




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