Valencia International Film Festival Cinema Jove, Spain


June 01, 2016


Event Date:

June 17, 2016 - June 24, 2016

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31st Edition The 31st Valencia International Film Festival Cinema Jove, which will take place in Valencia from June 17th to 24th, 2016, aims to promote young filmmakers. Cinema Jove is organised by CulturArts Generalitat IVAC, and is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).


There are two categories: Feature Films  and  Short Films


The Festival is open to any film produced after January 1st 2015.

- Invited films: Films invited to register by the Selection Committee shall send to the Festival organisation the registration report. The reception by the Festival of the said form implies the legal acceptance of the invitation by the interested parties and will be considered definitive and irrevocable.

- Films for preview: Films for preview by the Selection Committee will need to register on-line and be sent to the MOVIBETA website before February 22nd, 2016.


a) Films must not have been entered in previous editions of the Festival. Feature films must not have had a commercial screening in Spain nor must they have been screened at any other Spanish film festival before or during Cinema Jove (Spanish Premiere). Short films must not have been screened in the Comunidad Valenciana (Land of Valencia) before or during Cinema Jove.

b) More than two films by the same director cannot be presented to the Festival. In this case, the Selection Committee shall only choose one.

c) Entries must be in the original version with English subtitles. They must be accompanied by a dossier containing the original text and lines along with a translation in Spanish or English.

d) Films over 60 minutes will be considered feature-lengths. Short films will not exceed a maximum running time of 30 minutes (credits included).

e) The selected feature films may be screened in 35mm or digital format (DCP, Blu-ray, Betacam Digital or SP); short films will be screened in digital format (MPG4, codec H264).

f) Any film not presenting sufficient technical qualities for a correct public screening will be refused.


a) The Selection Committee, appointed for this purpose, will select from the entries submitted to the Festival the films that will be shown from June 17th to 24th, 2016, during Cinema Jove.

b) Films selected will be screened a maximum of three times.

c) Once registered and selected, no film may be withdrawn from the competition.


a) The Director of the Festival will appoint the members of the Selection Committee, selected among specialists linked to the Festival, as well as the members of the Juries for the two competing categories: feature and short films.

-The Feature Category Jury will be composed of five members, representing the international film field. A maximum of two members will be of Spanish nationality.

-The Short Category Jury will be composed of three members, representing the international film field. A maximum of one member will be of Spanish nationality.

b) The Selection Committee and Jury decisions will be final.


6.1. Films selected for the Official Competition will be eligible for the following awards:

a) FEATURE FILMS LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Feature...............30.000 Euros The prize shall be given to the film distributor in Spain. The film must have its Spanish premiere within a period of twelve months after the awarding of the prize. If six months should elapse without the Festival being duly notified of an agreement between distributors, the Festival may choose to allocate the prize money to the subsequent edition. In order to proceed with the payment of the prize, Cinema Jove will require that the distributor of the film present the invoices generated out of the publicity and promotion pertinent to the commercial screening of the film in Spain, as well as a certificate of accreditation of film rights issued by the corresponding National Film Institute. The prize money shall be paid after January 1st in the year following the granting of the award.

b) SHORT FILMS LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Short..................8.000 Euros Prize money will be given to the director of the awarded short film. Juries can give any mention under their consideration. Production and distribution companies of the prize-winners of the Luna de Valencia commit to using the Festival’s logo for the subsequent promotion and publicity of the films.

6.2. Other awards:

PECERA ESTUDIO AWARD to the Spanish short film with the best sound track, consisting of 2.404 Euros for the audio post production of a short film, with a maximum running time of 30 minutes. MOVISTAR+ AWARD to the best short film, consisting of the purchase of broadcasting rights in Spain.


a) Participants will need to register exclusively through the online form available on our official website, by February 22nd, 2016 (closing date for registration).

b) Films should be forwarded online –with English subtitles in the case of films in languages other than Spanish or English– to the MOVIBETA web page following the instructions of the registration form. The video content is private and only accessible for Festival staff.


a) Prints of selected films must be sent to the Festival before June 1st, 2016. Due to the international character of Cinema Jove, the prints must include English subtitles. The International Jury will not take into consideration any films without English subtitles. The Festival will only provide the Spanish subtitles (electronic system).

b) The sender will inform the Festival on the means of dispatch, date of shipment and Airway bill number.

c) Prints will be sent prepaid by sender. The Festival will only pay for the return transportation charges, excluding any additional costs for tax and customs clearance in country of return.

d) Prints will be insured by the Festival from their arrival until their return.

e) Prints will be returned to the address indicated in the registration form after the completion of the Festival. In case those details are wrong or incomplete, Cinema Jove will not be held responsible for the delays or loses in their return.


Participation in this Festival entails the acceptance of the current regulations.

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