Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship: InterAsian Contexts and Connections

Publish Date: Jun 15, 2015

Deadline: Aug 25, 2015

The InterAsia Program Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship (formerly known as the Postdoctoral Fellowship for Transregional Research) is aimed at supporting transregional research under the rubric InterAsian Contexts and Connections. Its purpose is to strengthen the understanding of issues and geographies that do not fit neatly into existing divisions of academia or the world and to develop new approaches, practices, and opportunities in international, regional, and area studies. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, these fellowships help junior scholars (one to five years out of the PhD) complete first books or undertake second projects. In addition to funding research, the fellowships create networks and shared resources that will support fellows well beyond the award period. The Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship thus provides promising scholars important support at critical junctures in their careers.

The intellectual thrust of the project is the reconceptualization of Asia as an interlinked historical and geographic formation stretching from West Asia through Eurasia, Central Asia, and South Asia to Southeast Asia and East Asia. Proposals supported by the fellowship examine processes that connect places and peoples (such as migration, media, and resource flows) as well as those that reconfigure local and translocal contexts (such as shifting borders, urbanization, and social movements). The fellowship is intended to advance transregional research as well as to establish structures for linking scholars across disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

To date, thirty-eight fellowships have been awarded in two pilot phases: 2012–2013 and 2013–2014. Following on these successful pilot grants, the SSRC is pleased to extend the fellowship project and will fund three successive fellowship competitions in 2015, 2016, and 2017, awarding approximately twenty fellowships per competition.  

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Program Director Seteney Shami
Contact Holly Danzeisen
  • How do I apply for a SSRC Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship?

    Applicants are required to submit a preliminary pre-proposal by the deadline of August 25, 2015. This pre-proposal is comprised of two main sections – applicant details and project details. In addition, all prospective applicants will be required to submit a 2-3 page Curriculum Vitae and one letter of reference by this deadline.

    All pre-proposals must be submitted online. Online application materials can be accessed on the project’s website. In addition, all reference letters must be submitted online. The online application form includes detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to request an online reference, as well as instructions for your letter writer on how to submit an online reference.

    These pre-proposals will be evaluated by the Program’s Selection and Advisory Committee, and select applicants will be contacted in October 2015 and invited to submit a full proposal byDecember 2015. At the full proposal stage, applicants will be expected to provide additional project details, including a 10-page narrative research proposal, a specific research plan/timeline and a project budget, including the total amount requested and a breakdown of the expenditure of funds. In addition, applicants that have passed onto this stage will be asked to submit letter(s) of affiliation as relevant.

    Full proposals will not be submitted via an online applications system. Materials will be submitted via email to

    Applicants will be provided with detailed application instructions at both stages.

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