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The Tlep International Competition of Traditional Bowed String Instruments

Publish Date: Jun 27, 2016

Deadline: Jul 30, 2016

The First International Competition Named After Tlep Aspantaiuly for the Young Kobyz Players

Tlep Aspantaiuly (1757-1820)

According to legend, the first person who inherited Korkyt’skobyz was his student, KoilybaiBaksy. He, in turn, imparted the art of kobyz playing and ‘blessed’ the thirteen-year old TlepAspantaiuly. Tlep lived in the vicinity of Torgai and we know that he was not only a virtuoso kobyz player but also a very gifted composer. According to the recollections of his descendants, Tlep’s musical compositions were quite often accompanied by verses including the following ‘kuyis’: ‘Tolgau’ is philosophical in nature and ‘Allamzhar’ and ‘Baksy’ are based upon religious content. These are now in the hands of the composer’s heir, SaparIskakov, with whom the copyrights are held. TlepAspantaiuly’s instrument is also the subject of great interest.

The kobyz of this famous baksy has been handed down from generation to generation and been preserved in fine condition some 250 years later.In order to keep his artistic heritage intact, SaparIskakov established the charitable foundation ‘Tlep’, and has built concert hall named ‘Tlep - kobyz Palace’ in Astana city, the capital of Kazakhstan. Legend has it that Tlep’s spirit has not vanished but guards their kin. He protects those persons who honour his memory and maintain his heritage.

Dear participants and guests of I International competition named after Tlep Aspantayuly!

     I don`t know another country on our planet that has more desire to give and gift the hope to people, that faces the future the way Kazakhstan faces it. But in order not to get lost in the future, everybody should treat the history with care. This year is a very special one for Kazakhstan, because it celebrates the 25 th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   This is very important historical event for all Kazakhstan citizens therefore the invitation of the young performers on bowed string folk instruments to the competition will promote preservation of centuries-old friendship and mutual enrichment of cultures.

    Art is the universal language of International communication and spiritual unity!

    Thanks a lot for respect to Kazakh culture!I wish you creation victories!

Sincerely yours,

President of Charity Fund n.а Tlep Aspantayuly


Sapar Iskakov - Chairman of the Organizing Committee and General sponsor

Sapar Iskakov has been awarded such titles as: «Man of the Year», «Altyn Adam» (The Golden Man), about three times (2005, 2006, 2008.). He has been called as «Maecenas of the Century»– Moscow 2007. He is cavalier of the Order «Kurmet» (Respect)-Kazakhstan, «Power»-(Russia). Also he has been called by order of «Queen Victoria»-United Kingdom, as well as «Honorary Diploma» of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.He has become an academician of «International Academy of Maecenas» and «International Academy of Tourism and Sports». Mister Sapar Iskakov is a man whose name is immortalized in 2007 on «National treasure» parkway in the Park of the 850-th anniversary -Moscow.

He has been travelling in more than 125 countries in all continents of the world. He hoisted the national flag at the South Pole, as well as at the North Pole. He flew to the stratosphere (22 km) on the fighter MIG-29 in 2009. He was traveling on a ship, which is name of «Queen Elizabeth II», within 119 days. The aim of trip was to promote the international exhibition «Expo 2017». It will take place in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.


«Tіlep» Private Charitable Foundation was registered 9 March 2004. The Foundation is a public non-governmental organization that does not seek political and commercial aims.

Fund Objectives: cultural, educational, promotional and publishing activities, organization of sponsorship aimed at charitable purposes.

 During the fund, a following activities were successfully carried out:

  • Provision of charitable assistance for the society of disabled,  nursing homes and orphanages in Astana;

  • Construction of two buildings for orphans in the Children's Village «SOS Kinderdorf», Astana;

  • Sponsorship of the many concerts, including the ensemble of national instruments named «Tіlep» - organized by the students of the KazNAM; winner of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov's Moscow Quartet kobyz players «Tіlep», winner of the International Festival in Sydney (Australia) in 2005, Spain in 2006.

  • The payment of monthly stipends for KazNAM students (12), the payment of travel and costumes, video clips.

  • Organization of concerts of folk instruments ensembles, symphony orchestra, choir and kobyz players called «Music of the Great Steppe»;

  • General sponsor of the international contest of Kazakh song «Astana-2005», which took place in Astana (23.10 - 26.10.2005) and «Astana-2006» - September 2006 «Astana-Tlep 2007»- September 2007;

  • Establishment of prizes in eight categories of the republican contest «Shabyt», two prizes for contestants Vocalists. K. Baiseitova in Astana, two prizes for the best performance of the Republic of Kazakhstan composers at the international contest of violinists in Uralsk, W-K region. and a prize at the national aytys Akın (Astana), on Kurmangazy Competition - 8 prizes;

  • Sponsorship of many scientific expeditions to Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Cyprus, Mongolia, North Africa and Europe, etc.

  • Assisting professional creative teams and composers in composing musical works, including musical drama, concerts for kobyz with chamber and symphony orchestras, choir and organ. Organization of building a modern musical composition by Karl Jenkins, composer of the UK, based popular works on the (kui) kobyz and dombra, the Kazakh folklore, and releasing a CD on «Sony Classic» Studio - London (United Kingdom) - Presentation of the contest was held in London (in Albert hall), Tokyo (Japan) and in Astana and other countries.

  • Support for young talented artists in the creation of artistic images of famous people and historical figures of Kazakhstan, as well as writers, akyns, reporters in the creation of their creative works, books, magazines, newspapers and holding creative concerts;

  • The construction of a concert hall «Tіlep-Kobyz Palace» in Astana;

  • Organization of the creation of the modern ballet «Tіlep and Saryқyz» based on the eponymous poem bard (poet) NesipbekaAituly, talented composer Almas Serkebayev and choreographer Edward Rozinsky (USA), director - choreographer Robert North (the United States);

  • Creation of ethno-folk ensemble «Kok turіkter» to promote the ethno-folk music in Kazakhstan and abroad;

  • Organization of the Kazakhstan Premier Suite «Tlep» and «May night» ( «Abai», «Shakarim», «Sarykyz») in «Astana Opera» theater of opera and ballet with the participation of well-known British composer, conductor Karl Jenkins and «Symphony Orchestra Almaty» running by Marat Bisengaliyev;

  • Carrying out of the International festival of ethnic cultures, entitled «Historyand Culture» with guest artists from 16 countries of the Far and the Middle abroad and the Republic of Kazakhstan.



September 8, 2016

09.00-18.00    Meeting of participants, guests, jury, accommodation
09.00-13.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    Technical rehearsal
13.00-14.00    Restaurant     Lunch
14.00-18.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    Rehearsal performance programs
16.00-18.00    City    tour of the city
18.00-19.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
19.00-20.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    The opening ceremony
20.00-20.30    TilepKobyz Palace.    The draw for the participants
20.30-23.00    Restaurant     Dinner Meeting Evening

September 9, 2016

07.30-08.30    Hotel     Breakfast
09.00-13.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    The first round of nominations
13.00-14.00    Restaurant     Lunch
14.30-19.30    TilepKobyz Palace.    The second round of nominations
19.30-21.00    Restaurant     Dinner

September 10, 2016

07.30-08.30    Hotel     Breakfast
09.00-13.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    The second round of nominations
13.00-14.00    Restaurant     Lunch
14.30-18.00    City tour. Official meetings
17.00-19.00    TilepKobyz Palace.    Rehearsal Gala Concert
19.00-21.00    Palace of Peace and Reconciliation  Gala Concert. The award ceremony
21.00-23.00    Restaurant     Dinner. Evening farewell to the festival.

September 11, 2016 

07.30-09.30     Hotel     Breakfast
10.00              Departure of the participants of the competition


about the I International competition n.a. Tlep Aspantayuly for young kobyz players (for performers  on bowed string folk instruments), dedicated to celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan


1.1 To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held I international competition named after Tlep Aspantayuly for young  kobyz players (herein after - Competition).

1.2 This provision shall define the rules, goals, objectives, and the procedure of conducting and funding.

1.3 The competition is held on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.

1.4 The founder and organizer of the competition is the Foundation named after kobyz-player Tlep Aspantayuly.

2. Aims and objectives of the competition:

2.1 The competition is organized in order to improve students' performance skills, strengthening of international cultural relations, to identify the most talented and promising artists, the development of playing stringed folk instruments, as well as the promotion of musical art of Kazakhstan.

2.2  The competition is intended to solve the following aims:

• The competition is announced for the nomination of bowed string instruments (kobyz, hur, kyryympa, morin khuur, igil, ikili, byzanchi, huchir, erhu, khegym, gyjak, lizherika, kemancha, huqin, gadulka, topshur, gudok, ravanahatha, doshpuluur, khomus , shechepshin, abhartsa, banhu, kyl-kyyak kobyz, kemenche, jouhikko, rebab, rababa, talharpa (tagelharpa, stakharpa), nyckelharpa, and other)

• Education of aesthetic, humanistic and patriotic feelings of kobyz players;

• Support and promotion the playing a musical instrument "kobyz";

• Empower students to self-realization, social recognition;

• The development of children's music schools and children's art schools to enhance their role in the upbringing, education and creative development of the individual student;

• Developing and strengthening professional and cultural ties, improving the quality of the musical-pedagogical education in the country, promoting the exchange of experiences between teams and teachers;

• Enriching the repertoire of artists with new works, to stimulate creativity of young kobyz players.

3. Participants of Competition

3.1 Competition is held between students of folk music schools, colleges and art schools.

3.2 Participant has the right to play on only one bowed string national instrument of their country. The number of participants from each country equal to the number of national bowed string instruments.

4. Procedure for the conduct of Competition

4.1 The contest is held in age category from 9 to 13 years, and from 14 to 19 years.

4.2 The competition is open to individual artists who have experience of concert performances and declared themselves on the national, regional and international competitions and festivals.

4.3  First round – the participants perform one of the three compositions of Tilep Aspantayuly: «Baqsy», «Allam zhar», «Tolgau»  (notes included).

4.4 Second round – the participants perform the composition of country which they represent.

4.5 Each competition performance will not exceed four (4) minutes

4.6. The key criteria of assessment are the level of the artistic performance, technics, knowledge of the stylistic features, artistry.

Rules of participation:

1. For participation in the competition, the participants shall send to the organizing committee of the competition no later than 30 July 2016 the following documents:

* application form (Appendix №1);

* creative biography of the participant;

* 1-2 high resolution images;

* 2 or more pieces of music intended for performance in the competition;

* video information about participant execution on the instrument (any composition) for 2-3 minutes;

* copies of the participant's passport and accompanying person (if necessary);

Note: Participation Letter with the above material shall be sent to the email address of the organizing committee or by mail at the following address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city,  Kerey and Janybek khans street, 18, a concert hall «Tіlep қobyz Palace», BC «Samal», 507 , e-mail: kobyz-2016@mail.ru

2.  The organizing committee reserves the right to suspend from participation the performer if the data in the questionnaire are not true. 

3. The preliminary selection of the participants is performed by the organizing committee. According to the results of the extramural trial hearing, the organizing committee of the competition confirms the participation by the official letter not later than one (1) month prior to the competition.

Competition procedure:

1. The participant can come only with one accompanying person (producer, administrator, etc.).

2. The organizing committee will bear costs associated with accreditation of the participant and accompanying person, food, accommodation in Astana, interurban transport.

3. The participant or sending country will bear transport costs to Astana and back.

4. During the competition, all participants and accompanying persons are accommodated in the same hotel by organizing committee and provided with a bus for transportation around the city.

5. The medical insurance is provided by the participant or sending country. 

6. If necessary, the management of the competition will assist in obtaining a visa (the provision of  letters, invitations, etc.).

5. Date of the Tender


5.1 Dates of the competition: 9 - 10 September 2016 (arrival on 8 September, departure of 11 September).

5. 2 Venue: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Kerey and Janybek khans street, 18, «Tilep Kobyz Palace» concert hall.  

6. Jury

6.1 The jury is formed by the organizing committee from among eminent persons of culture, popular performers, composers, producers, representatives of the creative intellectuals having the international recognition and  contributing for the popularization of the competition ideas and not being the managers or producers of the participants.

6.2 The quantitative composition of the jury - no more than 9 persons, including the Chairman of the jury, responsible and technical secretaries of the jury. Chairman of the Jury shall be approved by the Organizing Committee.

6. 3 The jury evaluates the performance of 10-point system. The lowest score is taken rating of «4» (four).

6.4 The evaluation criteria of performance are determined by the composition of the jury at the first organizational meeting of the jury, which is held prior to the competition.

6.5 Form jury vote - open (electronic).

Voting members of the jury takes place at the end of a presentation by each participant in every day speech. Voting results are displayed on the the LEDs display on stage and publicly announced. The voting results are summed up in two days. Among the interventions for the greatest number of points obtained for the two days of listening, the jury determines the winner of the «Grand Prix», laureates and winners of the contest.

6.6 Applicants to the possession of the «Grand Prix» Competition is the competitor with the highest total score at the end of the two-day listening. At the gala concert, he must plays kobyz (250 years) of  Tlep Aspantayuly.

6.7 The jury has the right to divide the prize (except for the «Grand Prix» and the 1st Prize) in equal shares between the two contestants, received an equal number of points, or a negligible difference scores (up to 2 points). If the decision of the jury is not possible to determine the participant meets the required criteria for the award (including the «Grand Prix»), the prize is not awarded.

6.8 The jury meetings are closed, the decision of jury is final and not subject to revision.

6.9 The jury’s decision is documented in the protocols. Protocols of jury are made in Kazakh, Russian and English languages and constantly kept in the Competition Management Board. The jury in its work operates under the present General Information on competition.


1. According to the results of competition performance, the following awards and prizes are awarded:

«Grand Prix» - the special award and certificate "Grand-Prix" winner, money reward in amount of $ 2,000.

«1st Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of  the «1st Award»), money reward in amount of 1,500 US dollars.

«2nd Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of  the «2nd Award»), money reward in amount of 1,000 US dollars.

«3rd Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of  the «3rd Award»), money reward in amount of 750 US dollars.

2. All participants will be rewarded with cash prizes and prizes (the book «Musical Heritage of  Tlep Aspantayuly» with notes of  Work, orchestral works for kobyz).

4. Distribution of the special awards and prizes to the participants by organizations, associations, enterprises of different form of property, media, eminent figures shall be perform with the consent of the organizing committee and jury.

7. The special provisions

7.1 The participant shall guarantee the availability of rights to the use of the declared compositions. All relationships regarding author’s and allied rights with Authors Associations and other organizations involved for their security and related to this competition are under the participants’ own power.   

7.2 The participant (Prize winner, Award winner) entitles the Management Board to:

* use of the compositions (materials submitted for competition) and demonstrate them in informative, advertising and other purposes;

* reproduce all performances that have taken place within the competition through any media and by any means;

* produce audio and video products on the basis of the live performance at the competition with the aim of spreading for competition advertising and other purposes;

* The present authorities are valid all over the world.

7.3 All winners and participants are required to participate in the gala concert and play the proposed compositions «Tolgau» (the author Tlep Aspantayuly) and «Tіlep saryny» with orchestra (the author A.Kazakbaev) (notes included).

8. Final Provisions

8.1 Participation in the competition implies full and absolute acceptance of the rules of this Document.

8.2 In case of non-compliance of the rules of the present Document, the Participant may be disqualified. 

8.3 Disqualification in competition implies the following:

* violation of the rules of the present Document;

* harming the competition image;

* absence of the participant at the run-through;

* deviation from the scheduled performance such as it was at the run-through;

* copyright infringement, conflict with the jury, organizers and sponsors;

* pressure on jury, organizers, sponsors in order to receive preferences;

* obscene and vulgar behavior towards the members of the organizing committee, jury and the public;

* Decision on disqualification shall be made by the organizing committee of the competition.


Appendix №1- «Application for participation»

Appendix №2- «Programmer»

Organizing Committee:

e-mail: kobyz-2016@mail.ru

+77172546662; +77015017853 (mobile)


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