Summer School - Educational Robotics, 14-30 August 2015, Russia

Publish Date: Jul 08, 2015

Deadline: Jul 17, 2015

Event Dates: from Aug 14, 2015 12:00 to Aug 30, 2015 12:00

About the Summer School 

During the Summer school students will learn modern programming technologies and techniques for mobile robot development. The course is practice-oriented, so students will use their knowledge in implementing a project of robot development: mobile robot with manipulator for transport tasks, observation and monitoring based on Arduino and Raspeberry Pi platforms.

The educational program of the school introduces to students the latest software and hardware technologies.
During the course students will learn:
- basics of robotics programming, Arduino programming;
- basics of project management, tools and techniques, scrum, git, gannt charts;
- PID regulators for mobile robots based on odometry and sensors;
- basics of Raspberry Pi and Linux, basic commands and tools, configuring, video translation;
- basics of Java programming for Raspberry Pi, Arduino connection by UART, Pi4J library, self-hosted software architecture concepts;
- SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping);
- concepts of natural user interface, Microsoft Kinect SDK;
- concepts of Natural User Interface, myo SDK.

The course program makes an emphasis on practical trainings. After a second class students will be able to write a code and to launch a robot by themselves. The course allows students to merge into the CAD technologies and design, to assemble a robot, recognize gestures (commands).

Minimal required skills for students
- Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures;
- One of the following programming languages: C/C++, Java, C#;
- Basics of Electrical Engineering.

Forms of summer school depend on students background, their knowledges and skills several forms of summer school are available:
- Students have high level of knowledges and skills in programming - all solutions are implemented by students after lectures. One lesson consists of lecture part and practical part. After every lecture students are implement one part of the target robotics solution.
- Low level - student will make some basic programming of robot and make some tunings after intensive lecture course.

To determine students backgroud we will offer a testing for every participant of summer school before trainings. Preferable program will be selected after that. Target project contains several parts with different level of complexity and our course for summer school is very flexible. So after testing every participant will assume one role corresponding to his level of knowledges and skills.

UlSTU has experience in leading this program. In 2014 the school hosted 8 students from Chinese partner university. The course was held by professor Mr. Kirill Svyatov, PhD., an associate professor of Computer Science department of UlSTU. Prof. Svyatov has a great experience in robotics and participating in all-Russian and international robotics competitions with his students, participating in international and European IT projects. English speaking tutors (UlSTU IT students) helped the professor and NCUT students with specialty classes.

Entertaining part of the program combines sports activities, workshops, museums, out-of-town guided tour, bicycle rides, open air movie theater and the air show with participation of Russian leading air display teams devoted to Russian Air Fleet Day which is held annually on the territory of aircraft plant Aviastar-SP.

Upon completion students receive a certificate of a taken course, indicating the number of credits received and workbooks composed from lectures.

Over a period of the Summer School participants will be accompanied by English/German-speaking tutors (specialists of International department) and English/German-speaking volunteers (students of UlSTU). It is recommend for students to form groups when arriving to Russia so the specialists of UlSTU International Office could meet them in Moscow and follow to Ulyanovsk.


August 14-30

Target group

Young people specialized and interested in robotics (mostly beginners), learning programming languages, willing to share experience with like-minded people, to learn new technologies and to combine introduction to another culture with entertaining activities and professional trainings

Course language

English, Russian (translation from Russian is provided)

Number of students


Class hours

30 hours/week, research qualification work, 4 ECTS

Participation fee

900 euro

Application forms

Send to the coordinator via e-mail:
- application (download from the homepage);
- copy of the main page of the international passport;
- CV.

Application procedure

  1. Choose a you want to apply for (you can apply only for ONE school);
  2. Fill out an Application form (the application form is general for all schools);
  3. Attach a copy of your international passport and a CV (in free format);
  4. Send the documents to the coordinators via
  5. Wait for a confirmation from coordinators during 2 weeks via e-mail or telephone.
  6. After the deadline (July 17, 2015) groups will be formed. You will get a notification.
    NOTE: In case your summer school group was not formed of any reason you can participate in another summer school.
  7. During 2 weeks after the deadline you should pay the overall cost of the Summer School you have applied for. The course fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals (breakfasts and 2 banquets), cultural program.
    For German students: DAAD scholarships are available.
    For partner university students: a fee reduction could be applicable.
  8. After we confirmed your payment we will send you an invitation you need to apply for a visa.
  9. Apply for a visa to Russian consulate or Embassy you have mentioned in your application form. After you get a visa, please, inform us.
  10. When you have your tickets let us know about your route – airways/ railway station, flight number/ train number, time of arrival. It is recommend for students to form groups when arriving to Russia so the specialists of UlSTU International Office could meet them in Moscow and follow to Ulyanovsk.
  11. Do not forget to invite your friends to join your summer edutainment trip!

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