Research programs, Griffith University, Australia

Publish Date: Aug 27, 2015

Research programs

Griffith Health research students work with some of the finest clinical specialists and community health professionals in Australia. As a research graduates you will be well prepared to take your knowledge to the next level and become a leader in health in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

“A PhD is unique in that you get the opportunity to direct your entire focus on what you want to do. A PhD also tells you a lot about yourself and can really cement your long term goals by allowing you to realise what you want to do and how you go about getting your work done,” said Sharni.

By specifically focusing your research on a topic for a period of time, a PhD also allows you to become an expert in your chosen field which can benefit you greatly when it comes to graduate outcomes and future job opportunities.”

Sharni Hardcastle
PhD - School of Medical Science

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