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Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor established the University of Naples as the Studium with an Imperial Charter, on 5 June 1224. In recognition of its founder, the university was named Federico II in 1987.

The University of Naples Federico II was established in 1224 through an Imperial Charter of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor. It was the first publicly funded university in Europe.

Nowadays the university offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines, leading to one hundred fiftyfive graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support to all these courses. Students are given the opportunity to pursue intellectual development as well as the acquisition of professional skills. Current student enrollment nears 86,000 and the academic personnel, at this time, is 2532.

The university is made up of three Schools - the Polytechnical and Basic Sciences School, the School of Medicine and the School of Human and Social Sciences - and 26 Departments which operate as semi independent bodies for the teaching and research management being anyway part of a School.




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