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Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies(ReIReS)

Vision: Religion is a burning issue in Europe. Peaceful living together in a multireligious society is increasingly coming under pressure and we urgently need to deal with this. Knowledge of religious traditions helps us to reduce fear and anger because of prejudices and unfamiliarity with “the other”.

Mission: ReIReS is a starting community of twelve European institutions that are building a unique and highly qualified infrastructure on religious studies. ReIReS brings knowledge into the field of religious pluralism in Europe, thus contributing to a stable society. It explains and implements the idea that “Knowledge Creates Understanding”.


  • Innovation: New data, new tools and a new generation of scholars.
  • Respect: Towards various religions, towards the past and the future.
  • Enrichment: Research, digital access, international collaboration.





Via San Vitale 114 40125 Bologna IT, Italy