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The Matsumae International Foundation aims to develop the future by contributing to the global friendship and goodwill through our enterprise which leaves “peoples” connecting Japan with the rest of the world. This is extremely important in the era of highly developed science and technologies, especially in these days of extremely tensed world affairs. Our activities are nothing fancy but we are happy to continue those activities based upon the enthusiasm from our supporters. I again like to take this opportunity to ask for your continuing support.

The Matsumae International Foundation’s seminar house located at Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo is a Japanese style building which refurbished the former residence of the late Prof. Atsuuji ASHIKAGA who may have stared our history both before and after the World War II. This seminar house now creates an atmosphere which produces serenity and the Japanesque essence. The garden is so beautiful that the four seasons in the Musashino field move your heart. The inside of our seminar house is full of artistic souvenirs which our fellows brought all the ways from their home countries. Our seminar house is always open waiting for you.






Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0043 JAPAN