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Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML)


  • Meeting the needs of individuals, society and the state to obtain knowledge on the basis of continuing education that meets modern requirements for innovative development and modernization of education and science.
  • Training competent and competitive professionals of new formation able to develop science, business, to make effective decisions and conduct specific research that is consistently of national standing and benefit.
  • Creating necessary conditions for implementation and effective use of innovative educational technologies and scientific results.
  • Educating professionally competent, socially active and socially responsible persons.

About the Institute

The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan city, Russia) founded in 1994 is the largest private higher educational institution in the Republic of Tatarstan and the entire Volga region. Its founder, Dr. Vitaliy Timiryasov, one of the alumni of Kazan and Moscow Universities, laid the best traditions of classical university education in the foundation of a new school.

The Institute is among 100 best Russian higher educational institutions and 5 top best private institutes of Russia, it has the official “European quality” golden medal for implementation of the “Management of Quality” system (ISO 9001:2008).

Since 2010 the teachers of the Institute annually become winners of the competitions: "Best Innovation Lecture" and "The best university teacher."

The Institute of Economics, Management and Law was the first educational institution in the Republic of Tatarstan which has created an integrated network of communications between departments and branches of the Institute. This network is built on Cisco Systems equipment and equipment for video conferencing “Tandberg”. Its combination with fiber-optic networks and the university's own innovative software development “Idis Education” allowed to optimize the management of educational processes at the Institute and transfer it to a totally new level.
According to the Federal Competition Results since 2012 the Institute of Economics, Management and Law has received 226 budget places for full-time university entrants in the training of specialists in various fields of knowledge. This number of budget places is the largest among private universities in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Institute of Economics, Management and Law is the leading higher educational institution in the Scientific and Educational Cluster in Trade, Hospitality Industry and Services in the Republic of Tatarstan. The training of high-qualified specialists is realized at 5 departments: Department of Economics, Department of Law, Department of Psychology, Department of Management and Marketing, Department of Catering, and at 4 schools (Information technologies, Industrial Management, Design, Foreign languages).

Structure of the Institute

  • Main office
  • Almetyevsk branch
  • Bugulma branch
  • Zelenodolsk branch
  • Naberezhnye Chelny branch
  • Nizhnekamsk branch
  • Novocheboksarsk Branch
  • Chistopol branch
  • College
  • Institute of Distance Learning
  • Institute of Business Education
  • Department for Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

4 scientific research institutes:

  • Scientific Research Institute for Socio-economic development
  • Research Institute for Combating Corruption
  • Scientific Research Institute for Social Philosophy
  • Research Center for Public-Private Partnership

Due to the initiative of students and staff the following divisions were created:

  • Regional Center for Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific and Educational Laboratory “Business Incubator”
  • Publishing House “Knowledge"
  • Legal Clinic with the counseling office of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Center of Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Resocialization “VERA”
  • Volga Region Center for Law Conciliation (Mediation)
  • Driving school
  • Center for student art, studio of audio and video recordings
  • Psychological Centre «Eventus»
  • Academy of Art and Development "Constellation of Talents"
  • Tourist Agency “TatIntur”

IEML combines the best traditions of classical university education and the most advanced information technologies. Enhanced study of two foreign languages is compulsory for all students. There are foreign professors in the Institute who teach using the programs and methods of foreign universities. There are students exchange programs with the University of Trier (Germany), the University of Arizona (USA) and others. The students have a chance to take part in double degree programs and after 4 years of study they can get 2 diplomas (the second one is from one of the partner universities). There is cooperation in the field of higher education, secondary vocational education and further vocational education with the use of distance learning technologies with the University of Antananarivo, the Malagasy Association of Teachers of Russian Language and universities of the CIS countries.
The Institute signed the agreement with the German Management Academy of Lower Saxony GmbH, the European University of Cyprus, Yondzhin College, Folkuniversity, Centre for Development and Quality «OSKAR», etc.
The Institute has its own traditions in student life. There is a huge number of events where the faculty and students are together: "The Ball of the Rector", sporting events, mind games, etc.


The IEML is one of the Volga Region's largest socio-humanities centers which systematically carries out research in the field of economics, law, psychology, education, information technologies and other priority areas of knowledge.

The fields of research:

  • Effective anti-extremism work
  • Effective anti-corruption work
  • Development of public-private partnership
  • Improving the sphere of trade, hospitality, and service
  • Optimization of management based on lean management
  • Technologies of inclusive education
  • Energy efficiency and the ecologization of industry
  • Transaction costs of the educational system
  • Actual problems of demography and immigration policy
  • Synergetic anthropology
  • Promotion of youth entrepreneurship development

For the last 5 years the Institute faculty have published more than 2140 scientific papers, including 180 books and 695 articles in publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia. The faculty of the Institute annually write more than 310 training manuals and books which are published in its own publishing house "Knowledge”.

The Institute was awarded with a diploma of the Republican competition "For the unique system of training of young scientists" and won the competition of the Government of the Russian Federation "Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency" in the nomination "For human resource development”.

In 2012 the student society of IEML was recognized best in the national contest "Student of the Year." The students of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law have over 6230 scientific publications; more than 528 students became winners of scientific competitions and forums at the national and international level.






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