Japanese Association of University Women Logo

Japanese Association of University Women

Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW), established in 1946, is a member of GWI ; the world’s leading organization for women. JAUW shares IFUW’s mission together with its 50+ member associations around the globe.

They are:

  1. to improve the status of women and girls
  2. to promote life-long education
  3. to enable women graduates to use their expertise to effect change

JAUW is committed to:

  1. improving higher education for women
  2. promoting gender equality in the society
  3. advocating world peace and international understanding

JAUW provides:

  1. consolidated voice on social issues, especially for women and girls
  2. fellowships/awards for women and girls to continue their education
  3. support for women and girls in different parts of the world
  4. networking with women who have common purposes and interests
  5. mentorship via lectures for the next-generation, female leaders







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