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The University seeks to provide a means for moral and religious development by offering various opportunities for inquiry, discussion, instruction and worship, organized by the Religious Center, the Faculty Religious Affairs Committee and student groups. Participation in these activities is optional.CU holds as its mission the establishment of an academic tradition of freedom and reverence based on Christian ideals, and the education of individuals of conscience, internationally cultured and with a strong sense of citizenship in a democratic society. As demonstrated in its name, International Christian University, ICU has followed three principal commitments as its mission: Academic, Christian and International Commitments.ICU was founded with a mission to pursue truth, defend academic freedom and enrich inner freedom. In order to attain the best results in the pursuit and conveyance of truth, it is essential to maintain the highest academic standards and the highest levels of academic freedom.






3 Chome-3-10−2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585, Japan