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The Handelshochschule Leipzig, the first German commercial college, was founded on April 25, 1898.

Moving between locations several times, including locations in Löhrstraße and Schulstraße, the school settled in Leipzig's Ritterstraße 8/10 in 1910.
The end of the Second World War also meant the end of the Handelshochschule Leipzig.

In February 1946, it then was integrated into the reopened University of Leipzig as Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The foundation of a Hochschule für Binnenhandel Leipzig (Graduate School of Domestic Trade) – established in 1953 and closed again in 1963 – was followed by the formation of the state-run Leipzig Graduate School of Management in 1969, which after the fall of the Berlin Wall, had to close down under the Saxon Higher Education Act by the end of September 1992.





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