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Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian-Armenian University

Among subjects in the Humanities, Oriental Studies is unique in introducing students to cultures and civilisations that do not usually form part of the mainstream curriculum in Armenian educational institutions. 

The courses present both the major traditions of the regions studied and, in most cases, their modern developments. All courses include language, literature, history and culture, and there are a wide range of options in such fields as art and archaeology, philosophy, religion, modern social studies, economy, politics. The basic course programme is also a background for the methodologies and concepts of economics, law and social sciences, with concentration on the adaptation of Oriental languages (Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi).

Such study involves a combination of courses in a variety of fields drawn especially from the humanities and interpretive social sciences. The requirements are designed with sufficient flexibility so that students may pursue their chosen area of concentration as an introduction to the region as a whole, or as a more narrowly-focused exploration of a particular country or theme, depending on their interests.

The Oriental World dominates our news headlines today, and its languages and cultures have permeated our history for centuries. Oriental Studies at RAU offers students the opportunity to study some of the most complex and interesting political issues of our times, whilst also giving them access to some of the most beautiful poetry in history, conveyed through some of the richest language systems in the world.

Loosely defined the region is home of the world’s great religions and civilizations. Thus, Oriental Studies is an important area of academic inquiry on account of its political, economic and cultural significance on the international stage.




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