Marconi Prize for significant contribution to the advancement of communications for the benefit of mankind through scientific or technological discoveries or innovations

Publish Date: Apr 07, 2015

Deadline: Jun 30, 2015

The Marconi Prize is awarded annually to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of communications for the benefit of mankind through scientific or technological discoveries or innovations. Recipients of the Marconi Prize are designated Marconi Fellows and are expected to pursue further creative work that will add to the understanding and development of communications technology. The Marconi Prize includes an honorarium and a work of sculpture.

Nominations for the Marconi Prize

The Marconi Society invites nominations for the Marconi Prize of individuals worldwide who have made pioneering contributions to communications technology that have benefited humanity, thus perpetuating the spirit and work of Guglielmo Marconi. The Marconi Society welcomes nominations from learned societies and academies of all countries, as well as from individuals in universities, industry and public life.

The Marconi Society's Selection Advisory Committee evaluates all nominations and makes its recommendations to the Marconi Society Board of Directors, which has responsibility for the final selection of the Marconi Prize recipient. In forming its recommendations, the Selection Advisory Committee considers the scientific importance and the practical impact of the nominee's work, the nominee's entrepreneurship, humanitarianism and personal integrity, as well as the nominee's potential to contribute to the activities of the Marconi Society.

Nominations for the Marconi Prize shall include:

  • A nomination letter of no more than three pages which provides the reasons for the nomination and explains the nominee's significant contribution to communications technology as well as its benefit to humanity.
  • The nominee's curriculum vitae.
  • The nominee's publication list (including patents) together with copies of at most two of his/her major publications.
  • A list of awards and honors received by the nominee.
  • The current address and contact information for the nominee.
  • Three letters of support from recognized individuals who have substantial knowledge of the work of the nominee.

All the nomination material should be emailed to the Marconi Society office ( The original letters of support should also be sent via post to the address below. Nominations may be submitted at any time but preferably by June 30th, to be considered for the award to be given out in the following year. (Ex. A nomination received by June 30, 2015 would be considered for the Prize to be awarded in the fall of 2016.). An unsuccessful candidate for the Prize may be considered for the Prize in the following years. Nominations and Inquiries should be sent to:

The Marconi Society
P.O. Box 777
Mountain View, CA 94042-0777

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