Kurita Water and Environment Foundation Research Grant Program

Publish Date: Apr 04, 2016

Kurita Water and Environment Foundation Research Grant Program

The KWEF supports scientists in ASIAN countries who are conducting research in their own countries on the conservation and restoration of water resources, which are defined as oceans, surface water and underground water as well as the areas of land adjacent to them.

Notes :
These grants are intended to support academic research.
Programs aimed primarily at generating business profit are not eligible.

Areas of Research Supported

Any research subject in field of water resources is acceptable, provided that the water area studied is located in the researcher's home country. Examples of appropriate research subjects are

 A.Physical and chemical properties of water
 B.New technologies for conservation and restoration of water resources.
   (River, Lake, Pond, Discharge etc.)
 C.New technologies for water measurement and assessment


 1.The applicant must reside in Asian countries
  (except Thailand,Indonesia and Vietnam.)
 2.The applicant must conduct research at university, college,
   or associated institute.
 3.The applicant would be 40years old or less.
 4.The applicant must submit a recommendation letter of
   "Japanese researcher" .

  * For the applicant in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam,
   please refer KARG(KWEF-AIT research grant )

Duration of Grant

The grant period will be one year, from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

Obligations of the Recipients of research grants

(1) Submission of a report
a ) Research report (Summary report)
Recipients of research grants must submit a summary report fill in English on the results of their research to the chief director of KWEF by October 31, 2017.
This report should consist of a one or two pages (A4 size) description of the results gathered to date, along with any necessary supplementary materials.
b ) Expense Report
The researcher must also submit an expense report, by October 31, 2017. This should consist of an itemized list of expenses paid for with the grant money, and should be attached by Receipts.
(2) Submission of papers published
The researcher should be also submit copies of the research paper to the KWEF.
Recipients should describe the acknowledgment in papers. "Kurita Water and Environment Foundation Grant"


  (1)Documents to be submitted
  1. Application Form for Research Grant in English or Japanese.
    (Download button is bottom of this page)
  2. Recommendation letter of Japanese Researcher
    (one page, in Japanese or English)
(2) Application method
(3) Application Period
   4/1 ~ 5/12 
   From April 1st to May 12th, 2016 (Japan time)
* The recommendation letter should be attached when the applicant would send the application form.
* The incomplete application form anre not accepted.
* The application submitted after the period are not accepted..
* The accepted application sheets could not be replaced.


The grantee will be selected by the KWEF Board of Directors, based on the advice of the Selection Committee. The chief director will inform of the board's decision to each applicant by letter.

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