Karlstad University Global Scholarship for Non-EEA Countries 2017, Sweden

Publish Date: Oct 13, 2016

Deadline: Feb 01, 2017


The Karlstad University Global Scholarship programme is aiming at top academic students from countries outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland) who are required to pay tuition fees for studies.

Karlstad University Global Scholarship offers scholarships covering tuition fees in part or in full. The application for scholarship will be considered only if the application fee is paid or if you are exempted from paying the application fee. This scholarship programme is not open for students from the following 12 countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Students from these countries instead have the possibility to apply for The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships. Application for Karlstad University Global Scholarship will be accepted 1 December 2016 to 1 February 2017. The applicationform will be published in this webbsite before the applicationperiod starts.

What Costs Does The Scholarship Cover ?

Scholarships cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the tuition fees. The value of the scholarship is stated in the notification of scholarship for each scholarship holder. The scholarship value is deducted from the tuition fees of the programme for which you are awarded a scholarship. Please note that the Karlstad University Global Scholarships do not cover living costs. To be able to finance your stay in Sweden and get a residence permit for studies you need to show that you have funds for the total study period the first time you apply for a residence permit. For further information contact the Swedish Migration Board.

How To Apply?

A printed and signed scholarship application form, together with supporting documents should be sent to Karlstad University, International Office, 651 88 Karlstad, Sweden. The application needs to be received 1 February 2017 the latest. Late applications will not be considered. You must apply for studies at Karlstad University before applying for scholarship.

Scholarship Conditions

The selection process for scholarships is undertaken after the programme selection process. Priority will be given to students with high academic performance and who demonstrate a strong commitment and desire to study at Karlstad University.

The scholarship is only awarded for programmes starting in a fall semester. An offer of a scholarship is only valid for the year and the programme stipulated in the scholarship notification. If the student is granted deferment until the next academic year, the offer of a scholarship is not valid. If a student who has been awarded a scholarship changes programmes, the student will risk losing the scholarship as scholarships are programme-specific.

You Are NOT Eligible For This Scholarship If Any Of The Following Is True:

  • You have already lived in Sweden for two years or more when the scholarship period is due to begin.
  • You have a Swedish permanent residence permit or a work permit.
  • You hold a scholarship for studies from Swedish Institute or from a Swedish university/university college.
  • You already hold a master's degree from a Swedish university/university college.


Karlstad University has consolidated its position as a mid-sized and innovative higher education institution with stable and controlled growth.  The interpersonal relationship is important and participation and engagement are characteristics of the University. We give priority to quality and enjoy a good reputation among students, staff and the wider community. The close interaction between research, education and external partners is notable in all university activities. All members of teaching staff pursue research and all researchers teach. The University is imbued with various forms of cultural expression.


Research and third-cycle education are the unique tasks of a university. Well functioning internal and external graduate schools and doctoral programmes ensure stability and quality. There is balance between broad and specialised expertise. The University is internationally acknowledged in several research fields and is, in addition, at the forefront of some. There are at least eight strong/excellent research groups of international excellence and of great importance to other research environments. Research groups support and inspire one another. The quantitative and qualitative progress has led to a recent and considerable increase in research allocation and research is externally financed at 50 %.


High quality teaching, flexible forms of study, professional contacts and satisfied students are factors placing Karlstad University among the top six universities in Sweden in terms of first choice applicants. The students are engaged and involved in the follow-up and improvement of courses and programmes. Our broad range of educational opportunities is balanced and consists of 80 % degree programmes and 20 % subject-specific degree courses or freestanding courses. In addition, we offer a great number of attractive and requested general education courses. We train professional musicians and dancers and have added professional degree programmes in psychology, jurisprudence, pharmacy and physiotherapy. We provide students with the qualified professional preparation required for their future careers.


The University is based on regional, national and international cooperation, and is a preferred option as a partner in change and improvement processes among regional actors. A strong social commitment is our trademark. Our education and research programmes address urgent issues and we participate in current debates. We make systematic internationalisation efforts at all levels. International mobility among staff and students is high and we attract highly qualified staff and students from the whole world. The idea of sustainable development is notable in all our activities.


We cooperate efficiently and smoothly in the whole organisation, motivated by commitment and a shared vision. The work atmosphere for staff and students is characterised by reciprocity, accessibility and flexibility. We encourage creativity, boldness and a critical approach. The University has a clear management, collegial influence, an effective organisation and good planning, thus ensuring undisturbed and uninterrupted time for our duties. Support functions are appropriate and effective in supporting education, research and cooperation.

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