Durham University Online Course - Open Innovation

Publish Date: Oct 31, 2016

Open Innovation

In today’s world, the development of new products and services is not confined within one organisation or indeed one country. To succeed, businesses must be willing to work with others, to spot and develop ideas – a model known as open innovation.

Apply open innovation for competitive advantage

This free online course is about how you can find ideas for innovation from the outside world – for example, suppliers, competitors or customers – and assimilate them into your own supply chain, to develop new processes, products and services.

The course offers insight and research into how an organisation, regardless of its location, can harness the latest thinking in applying open innovation to achieve competitive advantage.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • explain what open innovation is and its impact on competitive advantage;
  • compare open innovation against other innovation models in product, process and service contexts;
  • identify sources of ideas and ways of engaging with open innovation across the supply chain;
  • identify the challenges associated with the implementation of open innovation;
  • and apply open innovation in service, product and process contexts.

The course builds on research and practice on open innovation, supply chain management and intellectual capital within Durham University Business School.


Open Innovation is designed for anyone with an interest in research and development, or supply chain management. It will be equally relevant to those working in either services, process or product-orientated businesses. A business background is not essential but is advantageous.

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