Human Security Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Studies in Human Security: Bachelor, Master and PhD Programs

Human security is a complex concept, consisting of three main elements: security, human rights and development. The word “human” in this multi-sectoral context is central and the human’s security is not always about peace. The contemporary world acknowledges many factors, influencing or endangering human security: health, international organized crime, environmental risks, political instability, poverty, hunger and many more.

Many of these threats are interconnected. For example, conflicts can lead to poverty, environmental risks can result in dangerous health consequences. In times of globalization it is hard to believe that a threat to human security occurring in a certain country will stay within its borders.

Bachelor degree studies in human security provide an interdisciplinary approach in exploring various aspects of human security, focusing on public policies aimed at achieving human security and sustainability, history of globalization and human development.

Master degree programs in human security deliver in-depth knowledge through analysis and research on such interconnections as human security and human rights, human security and human development, as well as human and state security.

If you are thinking to move even further with academic studies, then a PhD level course on human security is the path to promote better public policies and laws through academic thought and research.

Non-degree and Online Programs in Human Security

The pool of non-degree programs, summer schools and workshops on human security is aimed at delivering additional updated knowledge on the topic. Participants of these courses are trained on various aspects of achieving development and human security through empowerment and better policy making. Short-term events, such as workshops, conferences and symposiums on human security provide excellent opportunities for students, academics and practitioners to share their best practices in the field.

Needless to say that all the above mentioned degree and non-degree programs on human security are offered by best Universities online.

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