Dispute resolution Research and Study Opportunities

Disputes or Conflicts? Dispute vs Conflict!

There are, definitely, certain differences between conflicts and disputes: they lie in 2 main factors. Disputes arise between parties (business, public) and take shorter time to resolve. Disputes can be resolved with the help of mediators and negotiators, arbitration or any other courts. Conflicts, on the contrary, can’t always be resolved through negotiations and might need military intervention. Conflicts occur between states, alliances, regions, and last much longer than disputes.

Why Choose Degree Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Disagreements in public or private life occur more often then we think, and the need for specialists to help achieve a compromise is a priority today. To assist parties in settling their dispute without going to official instances is a promising career for lawyers and other professionals. This is the path that a degree program in alternative dispute resolution can take to.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs, while different in duration and content, put a strong emphasis on: mediation and negotiation techniques, sociology and psychology of conflicts, organizational behavior and arbitration, etc. These degree level intensive academic trainings make skills and technique development central, while delivering solid theoretical knowledge.

Certificate and Online Courses in Dispute Resolution

Thinking of less expensive and shorter options to advance in career? Then certificate programs on dispute resolution will be an asset in moving further with career development. The pool of online courses, offered by top Universities of the world, will be of particular interest for those, who can’t afford leaving home and work.


The answer is simple. ARMACAD has compiled hundreds of degree and certificate programs in dispute resolution, as well as put together a big list of workshops and other events for academics and practitioners. Make sure to explore this big list of academic and professional opportunities, as well as awards and competitions.