Cryptography Research and Study Opportunities

Cryptography: The World Behind Codes

Cryptographers make codes and break them. They send coded information to restrict any access to it. They help keep things confidential and help decode other’s secrets. It is now that cryptography is a sophisticated science, that heavily relies on modern technologies. Before this “modern technology era”, cryptographers had only a pen and a paper to transfer codes into words and vice versa.

Cryptographers have always been behind the scenes. They helped to settle conflicts, launch military operations, reveal intelligence actions. Now it is not only governments that need to code information. Cryptography is more public now, and business takes maximum advantage of it. The main role of cryptographers in business is to secure all kinds of information from online transactions to any other data. And when it comes to ordinary people, when we also want to secure our online bank, shopping, purchases and any other private information.

Math, Math, Math……

If you have chosen to study cryptography, be prepared for full days and nights of math. This is the destiny of future cryptographers. Deep knowledge of mathematics is necessary to point out strengths and weakness of codes and see what lies behind them. Many European and US Universities, offering master degree courses in cryptology and information security accept applicants with background in mathematics.

It is important to mention that usually cryptology is not regarded as a degree program. It is rather a specialization within another degree program, e.g. information and network security. For example, you can choose information security as your degree program and specialize in cryptology.

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