Conf/CfP - National Colloquium ICONS TODAY – Modern and Post-modern Iconologies 2nd Edition: “Feminist Subjectivities”, Bucharest, May 2015

Publish Date: Apr 09, 2015

Since their explosion at the end of the 1960s, the historical feminist struggles have irrigated both artistic practices and theories through fertile circulations. On one hand, deconstructing discourses, images and ideologies that are shaping gender oppression, academic feminism has developed a new historiography. On the other hand, artists have drawn on these stimulating intellectual debates in order to raise identity politics issues.
The conference will consider the subject through the lens of the relationships between artistic and intellectual experiences, between language and representations, and between text and image.
By focusing on a transdisciplinary approach including visual arts, performance, history and literature, the conference will emphasize on the multiplicity of viewpoints. From this plurality of worlds, fragmented, contradictory and plural identities emerge invalidating a supposedly universal subject of feminism, and thus becoming transversal, transgressive and transfeminist subjectivities.
To express these subjectivities, and to raise the “we” and the “I” from the subaltern subjects, feminists investigate languages and knowledge, history and autobiography, representation and auto-representation, reclaiming their bodies through literature, art, actions, performance and redefining themselves through visual strategies, thereby irrespective of the frontiers erected between the disciplines, thus opening a wide project of deconstruction and re-creation.
Domains of proposal can address, but are not limited to, the following topics:
- Literature, Arts;
- History as a space of deconstruction of gender, race, class, and sexuality oppressions, and as a space of production of new narratives;
- Re-readings and reinventions, mythologies, and fictionalizations;
- Revision of myths and modernity traditions.
Submission procedure:
Please send a paperwork between 6-10 pages (excluding references), written in Times New Roman 12, centered, with 1,5 space alignment, and a short biography(with face picture included) to
Documents should be in English, French or Romanian and include full name of the participant with current affiliation and full contact details.
Deadline: APRIL  17th, 2015
Papers will be published in a ISSN JOURNAL of the Conference at the Editura Atelier Didactic-Bucuresti
Proudly supported by :  Muzeul Taranului Roman, Montage Gallery, University of Bucarest/History Faculty–History of Art Chair, Casa Corpului Didactic Bucureşti, Editura Atelier Didactic, Professional Journalists Union from Romania, Octav Onicescu National College, Students Group for Art and Aesthetics at the University of Bucharest, Association for Intercultural Dialog.

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