Camille Lepage Photojournalism Award 2017

Publish Date: Apr 12, 2017

Deadline: May 16, 2017

Camille Lepage Award 2017

The Association named Camille Lepage – On est ensemble was founded on September 20, 2014, only months after the death of the photojournalist Camille Lepage while reporting in the Central African Republic. The Association commemorates Camille, her work and commitment.

The publishing house CDP Editions - Collection des photographes and the l’Association Camille Lepage - On est ensemble have joined forces to create the award to provide encouragement for a photojournalist working on a long-term project.

This year, for the first time, the award is being sponsored jointly by the Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l’Image Fixe – Saif and the Association Camille Lepage – On est ensemble with prize money of 8000 euros./p>

This year, the 2017 winner will be presented with the award at the evening show on Thursday, September 7.


The jury, all members being recognized figures in the field of photography and one representative of la Saif, shall grant the Award by judging the professional qualities of the applicants, the photographs submitted, and the relevance and originality of the project. The jury alone shall select the Winner. After deliberating the decision shall be made by majority vote. The decision of the jury is final. The jury may decide not to grant the Award if, in its opinion, no application of sufficient quality has been submitted.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

• have carried out and completed at least three feature photo reports (published or unpublished).

• be a professional photojournalist.

• write and speak French and/or English.

Applications to be sent by FTP shall contain:

1 – A curriculum vitae.

2 – A letter describing the photoreporting project and the reasons for applying for the Award (no more than 1 page of typed text). The letter must not have any content likely to identify the applicant.

3 – A provisional budget for the report already initiated. NB: If requesting an extension of funding for a project already covered by other partners, the Applicant shall submit the names of the partners to the Association “Camille Lepage – On est ensemble” and Images Evidence for their approval; the latter reserve the right not to cite said partners. Under no circumstances shall the report conducted with the financial support of la Saif and the Association “Camille Lepage – On est ensemble” be published or exhibited before it is presented at the International Festival of Photojournalism Visa pour l’ImagePerpignan in September 2018.

4 – A completed photo report of 10 to 20 pictures, in either color or black & white (see below for format). We suggested you to send images of the first part of the project already begun.

5 – Scanned copies of publications, if applicable.

6 – Signed application form.

7 – Copy of personal ID document.

8 – A signed statement by the Applicant certifying that he/she is a professional photojournalist.

Format requirements

Photographic files must be as follows:

• .JPG only (not TIFF or EPS).

• IPTC data included (captions & copyright) plus pdf for captions.

• MINIMUM definition: 150 dpi, 1600 pixels (height) x 2400 pixels (width).

• Each file must be labeled and numbered in the order for presentation to the jury.


• As applications are anonymous, no photograph shall contain any reference likely to indicate the identity of the Applicant.

2017 rules

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