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Call for Proposals - Selection of the Organization Providing Training. Coaching. Incubation, Armenian Caritas

Publish Date: Apr 25, 2017

Deadline: May 10, 2017

Entrepreneurial skills and business support. Training. Coaching. Incubation

Place - Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Duration -
Starting date -
May 2017
Technical Proposals for place -
"Armenian Caritas" Benevolent NGO, World Vision Armenia

E-mail submission of technical proposals

Project Summary

Armenian Caritas: Recognize. Protect. Realize.

As the number of people fleeing persecution, war and poverty continues to rise, many of them have lost their lives during transit while those who manage to make it are confronted with insurmountable problems ranging from social to economic marginalization and inequality. Many of them are not legally protected, nor do they receive humanitarian support. Therefore it is crucial to provide assistance and protection to these already vulnerable people against exploitation and abuse. The RPR action contributes to this by defending, respecting and promoting human rights particularly of marginalized and disadvantaged asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Lebanon and Armenia. The action applies the human rights based approach based on the view that this will mitigate the global migration and refugee crisis. The action is coordinated by Caritas Austria and executed by its partners, Caritas Lebanon and Armenian Caritas. The three organisations have a long standing relationship, and therefore, have created a cross-border consortium to provide solutions for refugees and migrants in each country as well as for Syrian-Armenian refugees still living in Lebanon and Syria who intend to migrate to Armenia. The action is funded by the European Union under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

Overall objective of the action

To contribute to the defence of human rights of asylum seekers, refugees, persons in refugee-like situation and migrants in Lebanon and Armenia.

Specific objectives/outcomes

SO1: To advocate for policies aiming at the protection of rights of migrants (incl. asylum seekers, refugees, persons in refugee-like situation) and to monitor the implementation of respective policies

SO2: To enhance the abilities of migrants (incl. asylum seekers, refugees and persons in refugee-like situation) to access their rights and to prevent negative impacts resulting from migration.

Project Summary  

World Vision Armenia: Skills and Knowledge for Youth Economic Empowerment.

World Vision International Relief Organization in Armenia implementing “Skills and Knowledge for Youth Empowerment” project financed by US Department of State: Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, aiming to support the displaced and conflict-affected youth and their local peers integration in Armenia, to ensure their livelihoods through the vocational guidance, trainings and employment opportunities.

Overall objective of the action

The project aims to create opportunities for the displaced and conflict-affected young people, together with their local peers, to have positive self-concept, future orientation, and capacity to engage with their community and to secure a source of livelihood, including employment and self-employment.

Specefic Objective

To contribute to the increased income of the project beneficiaries through wage employment or self-employmentopportunities.

These two organizations have united for a common idea to reach the maximum results by combining their resources and knowledge.

The project includes training, individual career counselling, providing information and guidance components: Under this project, there is also the business support providing component. (non-Interest loans, grants).

The Scope of the Action: Entrepreneurial skills and business support. Training. Coaching. Incubation

The scope of Entrepreneurial skills and business support will be implemented during the months of May-December, 2017. The geographic focus of the training/consultancy/guidance is Armenia.

Goals of the entrepreneurial skills and business support

Overall objective of the Entrepreneurial skills and business support:

The overall objective of the trainings/coaching/incubation is to enhance the economic integration of refugees, persons in refugee-like situation (Syrian-Armenians) and internal displaced persons in Armenia.

The Entrepreneurial skills and business support services will be conducted for the following stakeholders:

  • refugees;
  • persons in refugee-like situation (Syrian-Armenians);
  • displaced persons;
  • Armenian Caritas;
  • Caritas Austria;
  • World Vision Armenia;
  • EU delegation to Armenia.

Specific objectives

  • to develop entrepreneurial knowledge among Syrian-Armenians/refugees, asylum seekers and internal displaced persons in Armenia;
  • to develop the entrepreneurial and business skills among Syrian-Armenians/refugees, asylum seekers and internal displaced persons in Armenia;
  • to reveal new knowledge, to support in development of bussines plans and implementation of business ideas;
  • to enhance access to financial support;
  • to provide comprehensive support to start-ups: business incubation;
  • to have well established and running start-ups at the end of the project incubation component.

Suggested Methodological Approach

  • seminars;
  • courses;
  • group discussions;
  • individual counseling/coaching;
  • information support;
  • guidance;
  • incubation.

Responsibilities, main results of the project

  • at least 100 people participated in the training courses;
  • at least 50 business ideas – generated in group discussions, individual counseling component;
  • at least 25-30 business plans submitted to the Selection Committee;
  • at least 15-20 financed business plans;
  • at least 15 running start-ups.

Costs and Financing

The contract will be on a fixed price basis.

The payment will be made as follows:

  • 1st instalment – 40% (after signing the agreement);
  • Final instalment – 60% (after submission of final deliverables).

Time Plan

The following is an indicative time plan:

Invitation for proposal: End of April 2017

Submission of proposal: Mid of May 2017

Selection of the service provider: Mid of May 2017

Clarification of Terms of References/

Signing Agreement: May 2017

Trainings/consultancy/coaching: May-June 2017

Financial support to starts-ups July 2017

Business Incubation: August-December 2017

Submission of deliverables: End of December 2017, January 2018

Reporting / Deliverables

The service provider is expected to deliver

  • trainings’ module;
  • reports on each phase of the project;
  • final report;
  • lists of participants;
  • business plans developed during the project
  • main issues raised by the participants during the project;
  • main findings (statement of facts), conclusions and recommendations.

The profile of the Training. Coaching. Incubation services provider

The selection of the organization providing training. coaching. incubation services will be done according to the bellow mentioned conditions: giving preference to the company/consortium having professional qualification and working experience with the target group of the project:

  • availability (in the consortium member organizations) of the company’s relevant experience (at least 3 years of experience);
  • availability of at least 3 qualified trainers;
  • experience in implementing courses related to business (also consultation), (at least 3 implemented projects) and the work experience with Syrian-Armenians moved to Armenia

Application Procedure

Caritas Armenia and World Vision Armenia invite interested and qualified business support professional organizations to participate in a call for proposals in April 2017.

Interested candidates are required to provide their application, composed of the below mentioned documents before 10 May 2017 by 18:00:

  • a copy of the state registration certificate of the participant (in case of consortium - the member organizations);
  • description of the background of the participant (in case of consortium - the member organizations) in the business support sphere or of working with the Syrian-Armenians moved to Armenia;
  • qualification Certificates of at least 2-3 trainers which will be involved in the consortium to provide training/consultancy/guidance services;
  • reliable list of business support projects as well as relevant trainings, consultancy implemented by the applicant (in case of consortium - the member organizations) during last 3 years’ period;
  • proposal description: including methodology, technical proposal, budget and working plan.

Please note: "Armenian Caritas" BNGO and World Vision Armenia will invite for the interview only the short-listed applicants from the first documentary stage.

Additional Information

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