Call for Applications for Research Grants 2016–2017, British Institute at Ankara, Turkey

Publish Date: Feb 26, 2016

Call for Applications for Research Grants - 2016–2017

  • Annual Study Grants for researchers from postdoctoral level upwards with a maximum of £2,000. Please download the application form here. Please read this thoroughly before contacting the London office for advice. The reference provided must be on official letterhead or with the position of referee stated.
  • For projects up to three years with maximum funding of £5,000 per year, download the application form here. The application form contains the notes for applicants, conditions, and eligibility details.  Please read this thoroughly before contacting the London office for advice.  For continuing projects in the category, please download the application form here.
  • Download the referee form here. The referee form is only needed for NEW 5K grant applications - continuous applications i.e. year 2 of 3 and 3 of 3, do not need to submit this form.

November Application Round Only

  • Archaeological Fieldwork for up to three years with maximum funding of £20,000 per year – most grants in this category will be awarded to the Habitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical, and environmental perspective SRI.  Applications will also be accepted in the remaining SRIs if it is deemed appropriate.

All archaeological fieldwork, including excavations and surveys, and research in museums requires official permission from the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums.  All applicants looking for support of work of this sort are advised to consult the BIAA before making an application for funds.  Currently, no new permits are being issued to overseas researchers by the Turkish authorities.  However, the BIAA is prepared to offer support to applications to carry out archaeological research as part of Turkish or non-Turkish directed projects which already hold permits.  Please contact the Director, Dr. Lutgarde Vandeput for advice for the large fieldwork grants only. 


Category I

Definition: Researchers, of whatever nationality, resident in the UK or working abroad for a UK academic institution, or researchers directing a project that is based formally and demonstrably in the UK.
Eligibility: Fully eligible for awards.

This opportunity has expired.

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