In modern times, education cost has soared and gone out of reach of many students. This is why scholarship matters a lot and a great essay can make it easier for you to score one.

Scholarship essays follow the simple structure of any type of essay. It has an introduction, body, and conclusion. This is the universal rule of any academic paper such as a research paper. Some people may call it a scholarship statement or letter. What makes them unique is that they are short, mainly consisting of 500 words. From my experience, a scholarship essay is easy to write if you know the tricks. It is also hard to write if you are not certain about what the committee is looking out for. 

Understanding the scholarship system

The scholarship system is created to assist needy students complete college. The number of needy students keeps growing daily. Unfortunately, the available financial aid is limited. Due to this, awarding committees follow strict criteria. It is upon you to ensure you write an essay that convinces them to award you. 

Every applicant understands how crucial the essays are. From my personal experience, what is most crucial is to understand what the scholarship committee is looking for. If you can provide the answers they expect, you can be guaranteed to impress them. Understanding what is required is your chance to write an essay that stands out. 

There are different dimensions you can take when writing essays for scholarships. Your aim should be to provide reasons why you deserve the support. If you read why I deserve the scholarship essay sample, you can get better ideas on what to write. The free samples help you write essays that many people will love to read. It gives you a chance to be considered for a scholarship. 

What scholarship committees expect

Each committee differs from the other but their expectations are nearly the same. As a student, you need to adhere to their rules if you want to stand out. From my writing experience, scholarship committees expect the following.

Applicants who make themselves distinct

The committees receive thousands of applications. Every applicant might use ideas from online examples. That can make their essays look similar in language and tone. Raise your standard and be unique. Here is an example extract of a distinct essay. 

I want to use my engineering degree to develop more green alternatives. It will increase efficiency and green solutions in the aerospace sector. Recently, Pratt & Whitney developed an engine that is 16% more efficient. 

It emits 3,600 metric tons less carbon each year. Interestingly, it also significantly lowers an airplane's noise footprint. These kinds of advancements will minimize the detrimental environmental impact by the aerospace sector. I want to be at the cutting edge of this innovation. I want to push the limits of enhanced engine performance and efficiency.

Students who follow the rules

No matter the temptation, stay within the rules. A good essay that is outside the rules cannot be considered unique. Here is an example of an essay extract that followed the rules. 

My story is regrettably not unique. Numerous children in the US are given mind-altering medicines that fall short of meeting their needs. I might not be able to assist all of those kids. But, I can give the ones in my community a better option. I will be able to study psychological evaluations. This will help me make the most precise diagnosis possible through a thorough education supported by financial aid.

Writers with self-awareness and a clear passion

A self-aware student understands their weak and strong abilities. Avoid proving to the team that you are all strong without any weaknesses. Passion is what drives you to success in college.  Here is an essay example that shows self-awareness and passion. 

Prompt: "Education is the most valuable tool you possess to change the world," Nelson Mandela. Explain a global change you want to see happen. Explain to us how you intend to implement that change and any potential difficulties you anticipate.

Black youths experience higher poverty rates than White youths. Still, they are four times more likely to be locked up. This is despite the enactment of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. We talk a lot about racial injustices with my White classmates. They often tell me: "That happened so long ago.”  "You definitely need to get over it.” When I was in the 7th Grade, I won the spelling bee at Nazareth Academy. A white student said to me: "You know...when I first met you, I wasn't certain you would prove to be smart?" 

Ending racial bias and intolerance in America is the most essential thing to me. I don't want my younger siblings to experience the prejudice that Black people still experience in our current culture.  By utilizing our current interconnectedness, I will launch the social media campaign #It'sNotOver. I aim to make a difference in the ending of racial discrimination. The campaign challenges the widely held misbelief in our society. 

They believe that racial segregation was constitutionally banned. Due to this, they believe the de facto racial disparities do not still exist in our society. I am prepared to deal with this negativity and condemnation. It will come from those who either don't think this problem exists or don't support the cause. 

Applicants with strong writing skills and narrative cohesiveness

You don’t need to have the skills of a professional writer. Understand the basics and follow them. Pay attention to grammar, sentence flow, citations, and punctuation. Cohesiveness in your narrative is critical. Let your story flow seamlessly to the end. It should prove why you deserve the scholarship. 

Key rules to follow in a winning scholarship essay

Ensure your essay is within the word limit. Write about important obstacles that you faced, and the lessons you learned. Talk about your achievements and aspirations. Write about what motivates you and share real-life experiences. Your scholarship essay should stir the committee to reflect on its content. Let your content align with the interests of the funding organization. Show the unique contributions you will make to society. 


To be unique, your scholarship essay must meet the expectations of the committee. You can do this by ensuring you follow the rules. Stick to good grammar and use your creativity to help you stand out. Read examples of essays written by other students or professionals. They will give you better ideas on what to write. 

Published on Jul 17, 2023