Students must put in a lot of effort to create assignments to achieve better grades. For assignment creation, they just can’t begin writing the educational content without any side assistance.

To score better academically and excel in creating assignments, they might need helpful tools to write, convert files, find images, and check plagiarism online. As you should know, there are several options for a single tool, each offering different features with pros and cons.

However, they must not trust every other tool on the internet and put its academic integrity in danger. Regardless of the specificity, tools provide an efficient and instant method to help students achieve their study goals. 

That’s why the article has listed five tools to help students create assignments.


To make your assignments more creative and improve the writing style, students can get help from rephrasing tools like Rephrase.Info. It offers great help to convert your boring written assignment into an engaging and articulate piece of writing.

Using its giant thesaurus of words, it modifies the common words with more captivating synonyms. The teachers are impressed by the students using high-level vocabulary in their assignments and having a command of it.

Using the paraphrasing tool, you can add more versatility to your written work in just a click. 

It alters the sentence structure to make them more authoritative and disciplined. While rewriting the assignment for you, it takes special care the meaning of the sentences is conserved.


While creating assignments, the only thing that can waste all their efforts and time spent is plagiarism. No matter how stylized or managed their assignment is, if teachers check plagiarism online and find it, students will instantly get an F.

To avoid the consequences of plagiarism, students can use Plagiarism Checker to authenticate their assignments. This helpful tool is a trustworthy and authoritative tool that gives accurate plagiarism reports for assignments.

This plagiarism checker is a fast utility that quickly scans the assignments and rapidly searches the databases and web pages to find similarities. After comparing the plagiarized text and original text, along with its source, are presented in the plagiarism check report.

Grammar Checker By

Grammar plays a great role in writing assignments, and accurate use of it is the pillar of having command over the language. An assignment with improper grammar usage and wrong punctuation makes it difficult to understand.

That’s why students must integrate the use of DupliChecker’s Grammar-checking tool. By detecting grammar errors and suggesting corrections, it can prove to be very helpful. 

This online grammar checker improves the readability of your assignment using its AI-powered algorithms.

After completing their assignment, students must scan their text with Grammar Checker to find any misspelled and wrongly typed words. Moreover, it also identifies structural errors and fixes the capitalization issues to improve your assignment's overall quality and readability.

Word to PDF By 

When the teachers view students’ assignments, they usually lose the formatting, and the text is dispersed. This usually happens due to different platforms used for creating and viewing documents. The formatting, as well as special characters of an assignment, can be conserved by converting doc to PDF. 

Word to PDF converter from can be beneficial for students and let them accurately present their assignments. All the written as well as visual content in the file is presented in their original format and appearance after conversion.

Moreover, the special characters that usually have compatibility issues when presented on a different platform can be avoided using the PDF converter. Using any device and platform, students can easily and conveniently access this tool and convert their assignment files to PDF.

Reverse Image Search By

Adding visual content to your assignments is necessary as you can easily depict the results using graphs, plots, or even diagrams. But sometimes, the image students find might not be accurate, cropped, or blurred. They can find similar images by using the reverse image search. offers image searching using an image itself that lets them look for better-quality pictures. By simply uploading the image, they can get many similar images along with their original sources.

This photo search tool lets users include clear, accurate, high-quality images in their assignments. Additionally, they can learn more about the images and include information from the image sources to add credibility to their work. 


Multiple tools are revolutionizing the way students create assignments. With so many options available, choosing the right tool for your studies becomes confusing. These beneficial tools can help you write creatively and add versatility to your assignments. You can also use the plagiarism detector to authenticate the originality and convert it into a PDF file for conserving format. Moreover, you can also detect grammatical errors or find better pictures using the utilities mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Start using these helpful tools to create assignments and stay one step ahead.

Published on Nov 13, 2023