Oxford University Expedition to Armenia

Publish Date: Jun 08, 2010

The “Stars & Stones 2010” expedition has just been officially approved and supported by the University of Oxford and Royal Geographical Society (IBS).

The expedition’s main objective is to encourage the development of Armenia, by protection and internationalization of our heritage.  The expedition will shed a new light on the mystery of this unique monument promoting international involvement and efforts to preserve the monument.

This research project will position Qarahunge into the bigger narrative relating to other stone henges throughout Europe. This narrative story will also form an important input into establishing the universal significance of the site as well as its relative condition compared to other better-known sites such as Stonehenge.

ARMACAD.info will provide infotainment as we  believe that the expedition and the documentary movie will boost local and international appreciation of this unique prehistoric monument. Firstly, it will increase international awareness of the Armenian heritage and secondly, it will attract more tourists to Armenia.

The expedition is organized by  Mihran Vardanyan, an Oxford astrophysicist, and includes a group of other scientists from Oxford, as well as local participants from Armenia.

We would like to congratulate Mihran on his great achievements and for getting the expedition approved by Oxford University and Royal Geographical Society.

More detailed information is available on “Stars and Stones 2010″ web site:http://qarahunge.gerezman.com/

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