Ophelia Avagyan as an MA student at the University of Wyoming, USA

Publish Date: May 15, 2010

Mrs. Ophelia Avagyan has received full graduate assistantship from the University of Wyoming to start an MA study in the Department of American Studies with minor in Sociology starting from the fall, 2010.

Her work will concentrate on family issues comparing existing parenthood problems in the US and developing countries. She has been at UW during the spring semester of 2009 as a JFDP grantee. She did her graduate studies at the Yerevan State University majoring in Romance and Germanic Philology.

She has taught Spanish language and Civilization at Yerevan Northern University from 2003-2008. After returning back from the US she has been working at the Armenian Sociological Association as a project manager and translator cooperating with large international research companies, such as TNS-Opinion, Armi-Marketing, MASMI, etc.

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