Presentations at the University of Saint Andrews by Vahe Boyajian

Publish Date: Apr 29, 2010

Event Dates: from Apr 10, 2010 12:00 to Apr 12, 2010 12:00

9-12 April 2010 ARMACAD member Dr. Vahe Boyajian participated in “The Shahname and Persianate Identity” conference organized at the Institute for Iranian Studies, University of St. Andrews, UK. He presented a paper “How “persianate” are the Baloch? Shahname and the popular vision of Iranian identity for the Baloch”.

On February 10, 2010 Dr. Boyajian also delivered a talk at the Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of Social Anthropology, University of St Andrew, UK on “History, Narratives and Genealogies: Identity Transformation in Baluchistan”.

Dr. Boyajian is a research fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of St. Andrews, UK and is working on a project “Religious practices and social structures among the Sarhaddi Baloch in Iran”. He has received his academic degrees from Yerevan State University and was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Iranian Studies, Yerevan State University.

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