World Bank Armenia Announces a Nation-wide Essay Competition for Students

Publish Date: Feb 02, 2011

Deadline: Mar 10, 2011

World Bank Armenia Announces a Nation-wide Essay Competition for Students

The World Bank Yerevan Office announces the launch of an essay competition among university students in Armenia. The purpose of the competition is to raise more awareness of and discussion on the main development challenges facing the country. Prospective participants should be formally enrolled in one of the universities in Armenia till the announcement of the competition results.

We invite you to address one of the two topics:

Topic 1: What should the Armenian Government do to overcome the adverse effects of the recent economic crisis?

(Discuss the priority reform policies necessary to tackle the problem. Prompting questions: How can the government’s tax policy support economic recovery? Which sectors of the economy have the potential to reveal Armenia’s competitive advantages?  How should the government fight poverty to enable economic growth? What are the main impediments to business development, and how can the Government eliminate them?)

Topic 2: What is the value of forests in Armenia?

(We are interested in your views as to what the value of forests in Armenia is.Prompting questions: Why are forests important? Why should we protect them? What is the forest’s role in economic development? What is the forest’s role in the development of local communities?)


You should write only on one of these topics. Send us your essay either via email to, or submit it in a hard copy to the World Bank Yerevan Office at the following address: G. Lousavorich Street 9, Yerevan 0015. Your paper should not exceed 5 pages (1 page = 1,800 characters). Use double-spacing, 1 inch margin, and 12 font size.

You can write the essay either in Armenian or in English. Please include a copy of your valid student ID. Indicate your name, age, university, the program you are enrolled in, and the year. The essay should be solely your own work. Your paper should be well-argumented, supported with facts, and follow a clear and logical structure. The 4 best essays will receive monetary awards from the World Bank Armenia in the following order:

1st place – 700 USD

2nd place – 500 USD

3rd place – 400 USD

4th place – 300 USD

PLEASE NOTE: Read the full text of the competition announcement on theWB Armenia website at (go to News and Eventspage à Press Releases).

For questions, please contact Vigen Sargsyan/External Affairs Officer or Armine Grigoryan/Public Information Assistant at the World Bank Yerevan Office to +374(10) 52 09 92, or via E-mail to,

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